Big Show Reveals He Would Love To Do A Firefly Funhouse Match

The Big Show spoke to about WrestleMania 36 and revealed that he would love to do a Firefly Funhouse match.

Big Show said that the match showed John Cena's talent and dedication. He also said the match was great for "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and it opened a door to different things for WWE.


"For that to come full circle and tell that story, and take the fans on this incredible journey of what might have been, of what could be, and John Cena to basically go through hell and live his worst nightmare ? it showed his talent and dedication," said Big Show. "It was great for Bray. I think it opened a door to be more entertaining in so many different ways.

The Big Show then went on to explain that he would love to do the same kind of match with Bray Wyatt. He spoke on how he would find it to be very entertaining to do.

"I know I would sign up for the same kind of program if I was working with Bray Wyatt," revealed Big Show. "I would definitely sign up to have my mind picked apart. I think it would be very entertaining to go through that and do that tortured perspective of trying to convey the hurt, pain, and frustration."


While he wasn't at WrestleMania 36, Big Show did make his appearance the day after on Monday Night RAW, where he lost to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

His new sitcom, "The Big Show Show" is currently streaming on Netflix. To read the whole interview, please click here.