Bobby Lashley thinks WrestleMania can run for four nights in a row and the fans wouldn’t lose anything.

Lashley spoke with Vicente Betran from ViBe & Wrestling about his thoughts on the show of shows. He said he would like for WrestleMania to continue the multi night format in the future because of how much talent WWE currently has.

“I would say yes across the board, and I would say yes because we have so much talent that is available,” Lashley said, when asked if WrestleMania should be held over multiple nights. “There’s a lot of guys sitting at home right now that are hugely talented not even being able to get a match on RAW. So yes, if we have an opportunity to bring everyone out and do more storylines and see it for two days, that would be incredible.

“But if you think about it, we kind of do it right now because we have the NXT show, and the NXT show right before WrestleMania is kind of like another WrestleMania in itself. So maybe just integrate some more people here and there, or maybe make RAW and SmackDown be the focus of WrestleMania, I don’t know. They could do four days, and I don’t think the fans would lose anything with four days. They could do it Friday, Saturday, Sunday and mix everything up, like they’re doing now, and if they did that I think it would be a great show. I think there is just so much talent and so much entertainment that I think they could do it.”

Lashley also talked about what matches he was looking forward to the most on WrestleMania 36. He said he is most looking forward to Drew McIntyre against Brock Lesnar because of the shared history he has with both.

“Of course for me, whoever has the title… I’m looking at the Drew and Brock match,” Lashley said. “One thing because I have history with Drew. Drew and I were tag partners for half a year training together. We had a match before also, before coming back to WWE. We have a lot of history together. We have a lot of history together, so with that history I’d like to see how he does against Brock, because in history it’s always been ‘Bobby and Brock, Bobby and Brock, we’ll see Lashley and Brock,’ everyone’s wanted that since the beginning when I came to wrestling. When I was OVW people were talking about that, so that’s like 15 years in the making almost. Of course I would like to see somebody I trained with and worked with and just watched grow up in this wrestling business go against somebody that kind of was like my silent nemesis the entire time. So yeah, I want to see that match, I want to see what happens. I think the UK fans will go crazy if Drew won, but then they’ll go crazy in another way if Drew lost, so of course that match is something.

“I guess another match would be, of course anything Roman (Reigns) does is always great, but I think he’s pulled out, I don’t know what the situation is there, so I want to see how that turns out. (John) Cena and The Fiend (Bray Wyatt), Randy (Orton) and Edge, I think Randy and Edge will be awesome. I think those guys with the amount of wrestling experience the two of those guys have, I think that thing is going to be incredible. There’s going to be things people have never seen before, they’re going to try to tear down the house for sure. It’s WrestleMania and those guys have been doing it for a long time so I know those guys are ready to try to win it. Taker and AJ (Styles), I mean AJ Styles has been one of the best in the business for so long and then the actual best in the wrestling business in The Undertaker, man it’s hard to beat. It’s hard to beat. I think being in the empty stadium it’s kind of one of those things that’s like, ‘man I wish I could just walk through this tipi and get in there and sit in the stands and be a part of this,’ but you can. You can, because I think one thing people are going to not understand is that our production, how they capture the match, the energy of the match, is all going to be there still this weekend.

“That’s what’s going to make it more exciting, it’s something that’s never been done before. So if it’s never been done before man, I want to at least see, because everything else that’s been going on as far as everything else like the RAW and some of the other shows that they’re doing in front of empty (arenas), you still have fun with the match, but this is WrestleMania, and WrestleMania is different.”

Lashley is scheduled to wrestle Aleister Black at WrestleMania 36.

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