AEW showed a clip for the upcoming "Road To" featuring Dustin Rhodes telling Cody if he can't beat his upcoming TNT Championship Tournament opponent, Kip Sabian, he's going to retire.

"As you know, I soul-search every f---ing week, asking myself the question: 'Can I still do this?'" Dustin said on a voice message left to Cody. "My soul searching has led me to this. This TNT Tournament is the most important thing I've done since wrestling you at Double or Nothing, hands down.

"To be the first TNT Champion means every frickin' thing you can possibly imagine to me. One of the things I really want to discuss you — I'd really like to talk with you instead of texting or voice mailing you this — look, this guy Kip Sabian is no joke. If I cannot beat that son of a b----, I will retire."

Chris Jericho (who will return to commentary), MJF, Sabian, and Taz all gave their thoughts about what Dustin said in the video.

"When you talk about Dustin Rhodes, you talk about one of the greatest of all-time," Jericho said. "One of the best to lace up his boots in the sport of professional wrestling. He's got it all: longevity, durability, creativity, athleticism, charismatic, character, psychology. He's one of the best. I'm a fan — even bought the t-shirt. But when a man like Dustin Rhodes has been doing it for as long as he has says, 'If I don't win a match, I'm going to retire.' When a man with the experience of Dustin Rhodes says, 'If I don't win, you'll never see me again,' that tells me there's doubt.

"And when you lose that confidence in this business — you're done. So the fact that Dustin Rhodes has a doubt, just a kernel, of a doubt that he won't beat Kip Sabian. It tells me that he already lost. So, therefore, you're going to see the last match in the storied career of Dustin Rhodes. You had a great career, my friend, congratulations, but this week on Dynamite. It's done."

"Thank god. Good riddance," wrote MJF.

"Let's be honest, @dustinrhodes is currently in his prime," Sabian commented. "There's no taking that away. I'm yet to enter mine. The @AEWrestling TNT Championship is the beginning of that. Fear the man with nothing to lose, and everything to gain...See you Wednesday. As you were, #Superbad"

"I have to weigh on this, I know @dustinrhodes a long time," Taz wrote on Twitter. "I have had the opportunity to share locker rooms/rings with him for years. I truly feel he's at his best NOW. His cardio, lean muscle mass along with a clear mind...hoping he doesn't ride off into the sunset just yet."

The latest "Road To" will be released on Monday at 7 pm ET on AEW's YouTube channel.