Chris Jericho Believes Vince McMahon Probably Regrets Losing Him

AEW probably made their most important acquisition when Chris Jericho signed with the upstart company last year. Jericho became the up-start promotion's first world champion and remains their top star. WWE has made little-to-no mention of Jericho since he signed with AEW, and he talked about that in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times.

"They'll probably never mention me again," Jericho said. "I don't blame them. Why would they promote me in any way, shape or form, when I'm the head of this opposing army, in their opinion, that's stealing money out of their pockets?"

Jericho has revealed before that Vince McMahon's reaction to his AEW signing was asking him if he could get out of his deal. He has also discussed his talks with McMahon before signing with AEW, and he feels that McMahon might regret letting him sign with AEW and leave WWE.

"Am I hard to work with? Maybe to somebody who's used to working with yes men, and people that just want to get along, yes," Jericho said. "If you're looking for somebody that's going to do his utmost best to get the job done right, to put on the best possible program and best possible story line at the risk of hurting people's feelings? Then yes, I'm hard to deal with.

"[Still,] I earned Vince's trust. And it takes a long time to get his real trust: moneymaking trust. He's never told me this, but indirectly, I think he regrets losing me, because I was one of his generals. I'm not always right, but f–k if I'm not close 80 percent of the time."

Jericho also said that he believes that he will never get into the WWE Hall of Fame if he continues to work with the Khan family. However, he says that he is a Hall of Famer in his mind which is more important to him.

"If I continue to work for the Khan family for the rest of my life, I'll never go into the WWE Hall of Fame," Jericho said. "Does that bother me? No. I mean, the Sex Pistols didn't show up for theirs. I always kind of liked that.

"I'm a hall of famer in the minds of the people who want me to be in the hall of fame," he adds. "I'm a hall of famer in my mind. That's all that matters."