Chris Jericho On Wrestling In Front Of No Crowd, Favorite Incarnation Of His Character

Chris Jericho hosted a "Saturday Night Special" stream on his Facebook account last weekend where he held a Q&A for his fans. During the stream, Jericho talked about some of his favorite incarnations of the Jericho character.

"I always say at this point, I love Le Champion," Jericho said. "Just the fact that we were able to change the wrestling world by starting this whole brand and company out of scratch and really becoming a money making, viable alternative for people right off the bat. I also loved 'The List Jericho' thing I did with Kevin Owens, the suit and tie Jericho with Shawn Michaels and tag teaming with The Big Show."

Jericho also talked about the switches they've had to make to not having a crowd at their shows.

"Brodie Lee was supposed to debut last Wednesday in Rochester which is his hometown," Jericho said. "That place was going to be sold out and last week was supposed to be Blood and Guts, we do the best that we can. We know it's not the optimal time but it's important to us to continue to entertain you guys and we know that it's tough at home. If you guys are doing what you're supposed to do at home, then we are there to entertain you. To me, it is essential, entertainment is essential to keeping your guys minds off of all these things that are going on right now."

When asked about not having the fans in attendance, Jericho talked about why he dislikes it so much but knows the importance of providing entertainment to the people in times like this.

"It does stink," Jericho said. "We are dealing with the cards that we're given. This is a worldwide pandemic. It's not like a choice that we're making, it's not like we have an alternative.

"90% of the people have been really appreciative of the fact that we keep continuing to do this, and as long as people want to watch us do new shows then I'm all for it because it's a part of what I do. I can't just bury my head in the sand somewhere until this is done, I have a responsibility to help people and to entertain people."

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