Wrestling legend Jim Cornette took to Twitter today to finally share his thoughts on TV journalist John Stossel.

Cornette and Stossel were both featured on this week's episode of Vice TV's "Dark Side of the Ring" series. The episode told the story of former WWE talent Dr. David Schultz and his 1984 "slap heard around the world" to Stossel, who was then a 20/20 reporter. Cornette appeared on the show to help tell the story, while Stossel and Schultz, and others, told their side.

Cornette, like only he does, blasted Stossel on Twitter this afternoon.

"Just realized since there was no Twitter in 1985 I had no way of telling @JohnStossel what I thought of him, but I can now--you got what you deserved, you whiny little b---h, I'm sorry you got a settlement out of it but if anyone ever fit the description 'plaintiff', it's you," Cornette wrote.

Cornette tagged Stossel in the tweet but he has not responded as of this writing.

Part-time WWE Backstage analyst CM Punk also tweeted on last night's "Dark Side of the Ring" episode, calling for a full episode on former wrestler Eddie Mansfield. Mansfield, who was also interviewed for the episode, played a role in the events leading to the slap, and after. Punk praised Cornette and the series altogether.

"Need a full episode on Mansfield now. Stossel, Mansfield and Shultz interviews are GREAT. @DarkSideOfRing and @TheJimCornette shines," Punk wrote.

Punk also had comments for wrestlers who are applauding Schultz for his slap to Stossel.

"Wrestlers and fans who spend the energy to applaud Shultz slapping Stossel, stop and think, and spend half that wishing there was a way to stick together and stand up for Shultz being black balled. Until then, you're all missing the point," he wrote.

You can click here for our viewership report on last night's episode with Schultz and Stossel. Below are the full tweets from Cornette and Punk: