Conan O’Brien took shots at WWE and some of their Superstars during a segment on last night’s show on TBS. Video from the segment can be seen above.

WWE being deemed an essential business during the coronavirus pandemic in the state of Florida has led to several anti-WWE jokes on late night TV as of late. Conan joined in on the fun last night.

As we’ve noted, Florida recently announced that all sports leagues with a national audience were essential, as long as they operated under certain COVID-19 guidelines. This meant that WWE, and AEW, were allowed to operate.

Conan and co-host Andy Richter called pro wrestlers “selfless gladiators that smash, cross chop and clothesline each other day after day for our amusement.” Conan gave props to heroes from the pandemic, such as doctors, delivery workers, grocery store workers, and pro wrestlers.

Conan’s segment included shots of Mojo Rawley (labeled as essential), Natalya (labeled as crucial), Roman Reigns (labeled as necessary), and Sasha Banks (labeled as indispensable).

Conan has featured various WWE Superstars as guests on his show over the years. Richter is a known wrestling fan, and was a judge for the Miss Rumble swimsuit contest at the 2000 Royal Rumble, which was won by Mae Young.