Dolph Ziggler is really trying to get his girl Mandy Rose back.

Ziggler apparently purchased a Cameo video from former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle, hiring him to beg Mandy to leave Otis and come back. Hornswoggle’s Cameo page can be seen at this link, and lists his videos at $25 each.

Ziggler tweeted the following video from Hornswoggle, which has a Cameo logo on it, and captioned it with, “Kitten, @wwehornswoggle is right, you are as loved by me, as I am BELOVÉD by the world @WWE_MandyRose

Hornswoggle begged Rose to think about the split and said they are made for each other.

“Mandy, you need… you need to think about this,” Swoggle said. “You need Dolph in your life. Dolph is the Justin to your Britney, the Zack Morris to your Kelly Kapowski. You guys are perfect together. Dolph is beloved by the WWE locker room, by the office, by almost half of the WWE Universe (back in 2013), but you need to give him another chance. You guys are made for each other. Take back Dolph.”

One fan responded to the video and wrote, “You could leave wrestling (forever) right now and no one would even notice.”

Ziggler responded, “That’s messed up. Swoggle is a dear friend and amazing wrestler. For shame. Delete your account”

Ziggler often donates to wrestler causes and has been purchasing merchandise from indie wrestlers to help them out during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s possible that Ziggler really did purchase a Cameo video to help out. Ziggler tweeted a similar video from indie group The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude, Rob Killjoy, & Coach Mikey) this week. That message for Mandy came after Ziggler also purchased some of their merchandise, but it does not include the Cameo logo.

You can see Ziggler’s tweet with the Hornswoggle video below, along with his response to the fan and the video from The Ugly Ducklings: