Drew McIntyre On His WWE Title Reign Being Different From Brock Lesnar's, Coronavirus WWE PC Safety

As seen above, new WWE Champion Drew McIntyre spoke with TMZ Sports about his title win over Brock Lesnar from Night Two of WrestleMania 36.

McIntyre was asked how safe he felt competing at the empty WWE Performance Center during the coronavirus pandemic, and if his safety was a concern or if he felt like WWE had everything covered. He revealed that he had his own locker room at the tapings.

"No, definitely. WWE has done a... I had the whole locker room to myself," Drew revealed. "Everybody was following the protocols to a 'T' and they've got it down to a science, following the CDC guidelines, maybe even more so precaution-wise. I've never seen so few people there. That's why it was hard to believe it was WrestleMania because it didn't feel like it. When I was in the building, I was like, 'This is so weird.' It's like a ghost town in here. Backstage, when I went to talk after the match and I'm thinking, 'This is really weird.'

"Because I'm psyched up, because this is the match, this is WrestleMania, and it's so weird. When my music hit I just slipped into the zone. I walked out there, it was as if 80,000 people were there. I was so in the zone, I was so in the moment, understanding how big this was. And Brock Lesnar walks out to the ring, you see Brock Lesnar look at you like he wants to eat your lunch. He was in fight mode, he had that look in his eyes, I had that look in my eyes."

He continued, "If you could read my mind, I was literally thinking, 'If you pull any funny business I'll drop you Brock Lesnar.' That's what was going through my head as we were both staring at each other. That was my favorite part, as we were staring each other down because we were in that moment. We had that match, it was physical, and I won. Like, that's when all the emotions started coming in. It's exactly the same as if there was a crowd of people there. You know, I had that moment, the journey going through my head, all the sacrifices that I've made, my family has made, my wife has made. In that moment when I was handed the title and then I remembered, 'Oh yeah, there are millions of people watching around the world.' It does not seem real at all. The reason I know it's real is because I have this title right beside me. I have to keep checking it."

Drew joked about using the championship as a belt when asked if he'd been wearing it around the house.

"Of course, of course. We don't like to call them belts," Drew said. "Belts hold up your pants. They're championships, they're titles, but I have been wearing it, basically to hold up my pants," he said laughing.

Drew also responded to the recent exchange with pro boxing champion Tyson Fury, who accepted a post-WrestleMania challenge from Drew. Drew insisted he could take down Fury, despite how fast his hands are. Drew said he wasn't seeking out some super-fight, he was just responding to Fury's friendly words.

"He's a big promoter, he loves it," Drew said of Fury issuing the challenge for more WWE action. "It could be fun, it's something to fantasize about down the line if things get back to normal, but I'm down for anything. Unlike Brock Lesnar, I'll be there every week. I'm gonna fight everyone on the roster and if Fury wants to go, I'll fight him, too. I'll fight any comers. I don't know, if an alien comes from another planet, I'll fight him, too."