The new WWE Champion Drew McIntyre joined this week’s WWE Backstage to talk with Renee Young and Christian. McIntyre discussed if he had won the title back in his first run with WWE (2008?2014) it would not have gone well.

“If I won it back then?I’m just going to be completely honest?it would have bombed,” McIntyre admitted. “It would have sucked. I would’ve sucked. If it would have worked out like a few other guys who got the opportunity?that were the same level as me?and it wasn’t a great reign. I think I needed to go on this journey, I think it prepared me.

“It molded me not only into the wrestler I am today, but the man I am today and there’s nothing that you can throw my way that I’m not ready for. 19 years of ups and downs have prepared me for any situation and that includes what’s going on in the world right now. I’m so proud to be champion when we’re going through difficult times?not as a company, as a world?and I want to keep everybody entertained and be the flag-bearer of RAW going forward.”

During the interview, McIntyre said Superstars usually don’t show their true emotion until they get back to the privacy of their hotel room, but with no live audience, he said fans at home got to see some of that with him after winning the title. At one point he looked at the camera, reached out, and said “thank you,” noting he realized quickly that was breaking the “fourth wall,” but was glad WWE left it in the broadcast.

Since WrestleMania was taped this year, the champ said he put the title upstairs in his home and left it in a room until the show was televised. McIntyre believed it wasn’t “real” until beating Brock Lesnar had actually aired. Once it happened, then he ran up and got the title.

You can see more from his interview in the clips below.