- Above, former WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres and her husband, Rener Gracie, appeared in a Total Bellas Exclusive to help teach Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan some self-defense techniques.

- WWE looked back at The New Day's first championship reign as a team, which took place five years ago at WWE Extreme Rules. The article made a case for why they are the greatest faction in WWE history. Below is an excerpt:

Bottom line: The New Day have been able to make us feel just about every emotion there is to feel in their time together. We laugh every time they bust out their signature "WWE World Tag Team Championship" wiggle. We're excited to ask "WHO?! WHO?! WHO?!" along with them every time they do it in that unmistakable, high-pitched tone. We're confused every time Big E gets to the number-of-championship-reigns part of his signature entrance introduction because we've all lost count of just how many times they've won the gold. They even made us cry when Kofi Kingston reached the pinnacle of achievement by winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35.

And it's that moment that truly defines how special their bond really is. Even though Kofi won the title, it felt like all three of them won. Hell, it felt like the entire WWE Universe won. We were all in it together. And more than a year removed from that unforgettable moment, The New Day are still doing their thing, continuing a boom in WWE's tag team division that they essentially kicked off with the likes of The Usos and The Bar over the past five years.

- WWE posted this week's 25 best Instagram photos. The collection included: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, Lacey Evans, and Sasha Banks.

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