Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held another press conference today was asked about the decision to allow sports leagues to operate under certain restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, and a possible connection to WWE through Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon. As noted, WWE and other sports leagues, including AEW, were recently deemed essential businesses in the Sunshine State, and allowed to move forward with operations.

There had been speculation on DeSantis’s decision being influenced by the McMahon’s connection to President Trump, and how the Trump-supporting Super PAC that Linda runs recently committed to spending several million dollars in Florida for Trump’s re-election campaign. DeSantis dismissed the idea of political favors playing a factor in the amended Executive Order that allowed WWE and other leagues to operate and broadcast live TV events, as seen in the video below.

“What does that have to do with me? Are they supporting me?,” DeSantis asked of the McMahon – Trump speculation.

DeSantis and the reporter acknowledged that the McMahons have not supported his campaign.

“Here’s the thing. I support doing things,” DeSantis continued. “I mentioned NASCAR, I talked to [NASCAR Board member] Lesa Kennedy. I want them to race, I think the public would like to see… it’s gonna be on TV. I understand they’re not going to fill up Daytona Speedway right now, I’m not suggesting you do, but I think if there’s content that can be created, I think that’s a good thing and even Dr. Fauci said televised sports is a good thing.

“There’s not a lot for people to look at right now and I think you’re starting to see it wear on some people after a while. And so my view would be, well let’s do what we need to do to stop the spread, to make sure we’re flattening the [COVID-19] curve, but at the same time you can give people some outlets. Maybe that’s with programing on TV, maybe that’s with essential activities, which I’ve supported from the beginning, where you go for a run, you get out and do things, as long as you’re not in close contact with other folks.

“So, that’s kind of the deal but obviously people can look up anyone that’s supported me, if there’s no support it’d be really hard to draw that connection at that point, not that it would be legitimate anyways.”

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Below is the full video of DeSantis dismissing the favors idea today: