Former WWE writer and producer Brian Gewirtz tweeted a photo of an old WWE booking sheet this week, as seen in the post below.

The potential angle appears to be from the 2007 "illegitimate son" storyline between Hornswoggle and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. The sheet, written by another writer, pitched Hornswoggle's murder at the hands of Vince. It reads like this:

"Hornswoggle Dilemma: Have Vince say to HS that we're going for a ride as Vince stuffs HS into a pillow case. Have a camera standing on a bridge and the audience sees Vince throw HS out the window of his limousine and over the bridge railing. HS plummets to his death. I know it's morbidly and highly unlikely ever to be used, but I think it's something that a fed up Mr. McMahon could resort to after trying for so long to get rid of him."

Gewirtz said the idea likely never made it to Vince, and he's not sure which writer actually came up with the pitch.

"Nowadays evenings are reserved for finally cleaning out closet. I don't know which writer came up with this nearly 13 years ago and I can pretty much guarantee it didn't make it to Vince but you got to admire someone who swings for the fences," Gewirtz tweeted.

You can see the full tweet below: