Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Nick and Matt Jackson are hanging out at home. Matt asks why Cutler is filming them, thought they were done at 200 episodes. Nick asks what else are they going to do right now? Nick continues that he was bored, wanted to do another, and isn’t sure when the series will end. Nick mentions how they ended the previous show about they had one more thing to do. He went to the hospital and the doctors said he’s at 15 percent, so he’s not ready to return yet. Matt says he did the same and he was told he’ll be selling his back injury for another two years. They agree they aren’t topping the last show, but then look up in the sky and see something.

* PJ Black (“Dr. Black”) gets a call from Luchasaurus who tells him he lost his tail and can’t find it. Black gives some nonsense diagnosis and says he can mix up a potion to help.

* Brandon Cutler says he wants to start his own challenge, the “Kick Out Challenge.” Cutler noted he’s not losing another match when he gets back in the ring. We see some “local jobbers” attempt to pin Cutler, but he keeps kicking out. He then thanks everyone for watching, but gets a surprise pin for the three-count. He yells to not use that footage.

* Young Bucks advertisement for their book, but Colt Cabana then sneaks his way into the advertisement and talks about himself a bit.

* Dr. Black mixes up some potions for Luchasaurus. They facetime, Black says when they hang up he’ll have the potions. He does so and the items arrive. He then drinks each of them and suddenly feels funny. Luchasaurus trips out and talks to his mother, gets freaked out, and runs through a neighborhood. He’s suddenly in a room (without his kick pads) and eventually finds a Super Panda mask. Apparently, the mask reminds him that he must fight his demons, his kick pads appear on his legs, and he fights this pesky snake that’s been haunting him and defeats him with a sword (and the help of Super Panda). Luchasaurus wakes up yelling “I s— my pants!” and realizes he has to go to Panda Express.

* Sitting in a backyard, Private Party are staying six feet away from each other, Kassidy says “this is bulls—” to Quen who says “What?” a couple times. Kassidy talks about how last week got messed up by that mysterious person in their backyard. Quen seems to be really out of it though, so Kassidy says he’ll text Quen. Quen remembered the guy had a mask on, they talk a bit. Kassidy says he has to go, drops a mask, Quen thinks (somehow) Kassidy is the one who jumped him, they argue a bit, Kassidy leaves. Quen then thinks about it some more and says the last time he was hit that hard was from a Fenix double stomp (who wears a mask). Quen realizes his mistake and goes after Kassidy.

* Back to Matt and Nick Jackson looking at the sky where “FTR” written out.