Gerald Brisco Comments On His WWE Status And Future

As previously reported, WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco was recently furloughed as a part of the WWE cuts brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

It was originally reported earlier this week that Brisco was released from his contract, however Brisco took to Twitter today to correct the original reports and confirm that he has been furloughed. Brisco, who has been working as a scout for WWE, said he hopes to get back to helping young athletes find their way to the company.

He wrote, "What a writer made a mistake, to set things right. I have not been let go yet I've been placed on furlough don't know who leaked the wrong news. I hope get back to helping young folks find there dream. If not it been on heck of a run #cantkeepawrestlerdown"

It's possible that Brisco will be brought back once normal operations resume. Brisco has been scouting amateur wrestling events for the company and there are no tournaments happening right now due to COVID-19.

As seen in the tweets below, the former WWE 24/7 Champion and WWE Hardcore Champion remains optimistic about his future in the pro wrestling business. Stay tuned for updates on what's next.