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Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Night One of Rebellion. We kick things off with a six-man tag team match!

oVe vs. Tommy Dreamer, Rhino & A Mystery Partner

Tommy Dreamer and Rhino wait for their mystery partner to make his way down the ramp. It’s Crazzy Steve!

Bell rings, Dreamer and Jake Crist, start things off. Jake takes wrist control on Dreamer, Dreamer reverses it. Jake sends Dreamer down. Dreamer asks for Rhino and Crazzy Steve’s assistance to help him back up. Dreamer hip tosses Jake. Crazzy Steve now becomes the legal man. Both Crazzy Steve and Dreamer land double elbows on Jake. Jake rolls over and tags in Madman Fulton. Crazzy Steve turns around and tags in Rhino.

Fulton sends Rhino towards the corner. Rhino fights out of it. Fulton tags in Dave Crist. Rhino twists Dave’s arm and tags in Crazzy Steve. Crazzy Steve dives on top of Dave with a cannonball. Fulton tags himself back in. Rhino steps in as well. Fulton has Rhino cornered near his tag mates. Dave is back in. Dave slams Crazzy Steve face-first onto the top turnbuckle. Dave and Jake exchange a tag. Jake throws a forearm strike, then tags Dave back in.

Crazzy Steve tags in Dreamer. Dreamer pushes Fulton and Dave off the apron. Dreamer pokes Jake in the eye, then plants a cutter. Fulton makes his way back in the ring. Dreamer bites Fulton’s hand. He throws down a chop, then quick tags Jake back in. Jake and Dreamer crawl over and tag in their partners. Rhino is in, and so is Dave. Rhino has Dave up. Dave slips out from the back. Rhino lands a mini gore, followed by a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino goes for a lateral press cover, Jake and Fulton come in and break the count.

All six men are in the ring. Dreamer and Jake go over the top rope. Crazzy Steve flies off the second rope, looking for a crossbody, but Fulton catches him and throws him on top of Jake and Dreamer. Rhino sends Fulton over the top rope. Rhino finally lands the Gore on Dave. Rhino covers, and wins the match for his team!

Winners: Rhino, Tommy Dreamer & Crazzy Steve

The camera pans over to Mathews and Rayne, who run through all the matches that will take place tonight.

Mathews announces that Tessa Blanchard will not defend the Impact World Championship at Rebellion. Eddie Edwards isn’t able to compete as well. Mathews spoke to Edwards (via FaceTime) about why he isn’t at Rebellion. Edwards says that with this pandemic going on, he’s decided not to risk it, and instead stay at home with his family. He says once he makes his return, he’s looking forward to his shot at the Impact World Championship.

After the match, Crazy Steve says that he’s happy to be back, and to win his first match back with Tommy Dreamer and Rhino!

Back from the break, correspondent Gia Miller interviews Michael Elgin about the recent change up with the Impact World Championship. Elgin gives Miller a crash course on his wrestling career since she’s new and he doesn’t know her, nor does she know his back story. After he runs through his back story, he informs Miller that the real reason why Blanchard and Edwards aren’t there tonight is because they’re too chicken to face him. He knows for a fact that once the Impact World Championship is on the line, he’ll win it.

Up next, a three-way tag team match is announced!

Rascalz vs. XXXL vs. Fallah Bahh & TJP

TJP locks Dez’s arm up, Dez reveres it. TJP side steps, then goes for a side headlock takedown on Dez. TJP and Dez get back up. TJP traps Dez’s arm, again. TJP climbs up on Dez and twists him up in the octopus submission. Dez walks over (with TJP still on him) and gets a tag from Wentz. Wentz pushes all the other teams off the apron. Wentz has TJP in control with a front-face lockup. TJP backs up and gets his foot up on the bottom rope. Wentz breaks the hold. Wentz sends TJP towards the ropes. Fallah Bahh tags himself in. Bahh and TJP work together with a combined splash on Wentz. Their match will continue after the break.

Back from the break, Larry D and Bahh are in the ring. Larry D connects a spinebuster on Bahh. Next, Larry D tackles Bahh in the corner. Larry D moves their fight to the middle of the ring. Larry D goes for a cover, Bahh kicks out at 2. Larry D then tags in Acey Romero. Romero smashes into Bahh, then quickly tags Larry D back in. Larry D locks Bahh up in a sleeper hold. Bahh rises to his feet and fights out of it with a few slaps towards Larry D’s ribs. Bahh counters with a belly-to-belly suplex. Larry D heads over and tags Romero back in. XXXL collide together.

Coming back from the second break (during this match), Larry D is back in. Each time he hits Bahh, Bahh gets fired up and shouts “Bahh.” Bahh takes Larry D down and tags in TJP. TJP misses a Swanton from off the top rope. TJP heads to the ropes, he gets caught by Larry D. Larry D pushes him off and the Rascalz make their way into the ring. Larry D lands an uppercut, followed by a clothesline on TJP. After a nice cannonball in the corner, Romero sends Dez across the ring. XXXL cover Dez, Dez kicks out at 2. XXXL have Dez cornered. Romero runs over to take care of Wentz, Wentz opens the rope, and Romero flies out of the ring. Wentz charges in with multiple superkicks on Larry D. Wentz connects a top rope cutter, and Dez ends the match with a flip off the top rope. The Rascalz cover Larry D, and win the match!

Winners: Rascalz

In Canada: The North sends a message out to the Impact fans and management. They have been receiving messages from fans saying, “It must suck to be stuck in Canada.” They reply that they enjoy being stuck in Canada, in fact, it’s like a vacation for them. They say once they return, there are going to defend their titles!

Backstage: Willie Mack and Rich Swann speak to Gia Miller about Mack’s match tonight. Mack couldn’t be happier that Swann is there to support him. Swann knows that Mack has proven himself time-and-time again. Swann says that if there’s anyone he knows that will bring the thunder tonight, it’s going to be Mack!

After their interview, a recap video is shown of how Willie Mack became the No. 1 contender for the X-Division Championship.

And now, the X-Division Championship is on the line!

Ace Austin (c) vs. Willie Mack

Bell rings, and Austin is outside the ring fixing his boots. Austin steps up on the apron, then jumps off. The referee begins the count. Austin makes back into the ring by the ninth count. Mack sends Austin to the outside. Back in the ring, Mack smacks Austin with an uppercut, which sends Austin out, again. Austin rolls Mack up with a schoolboy pin, Mack rolls out at 2. Mack follows Austin out of the ring and lands a thunderous chop on Austin before sending him back into the ring. Austin connects a roundhouse kick to the back of Mack’s head.

Austin climbs to the top rope, Mack catches Austin and reverses it into a Samoan Drop. Mack crushes Austin with a standing shooting star. Mack gets on top of Austin and forearm strikes him repeatedly, until the referee pushes him off. Austin gets back up. Austin connects a knee strike. Austin gets on top of Mack and returns the forearm strikes that Mack gave him earlier. Austin has Mack cornered, and keeps him down with a foot chokehold. Mack short Irish whips Austin towards another corner. Austin heads to the top. Mack grabs Austin mid-air and slams him down with a sit-out down powerbomb.

Austin grabs hold of Mack and tries to lock in a waist lock. Mack throws a back elbow and gets out of the lockup. Mack pushes Austin into the corner, then sends him towards the opposite side. Mack connects a high kick, followed by a stunner. Austin counters with The Fold. Austin thinks he’s won it. He covers Mack and to his surprise, Mack kicks out at 2.5. Austin goes for another Fold. Mack counters, and sends Austin crashing with another stunner. Mack covers Austin with a lateral press, Austin kicks out right away.

Mack climbs to the top rope. Austin rolls away. Mack instead flies across the ring with a Coast-to-Coast. Mack heads to the top again. He flops down with what would have been a six-star frog splash, but Austin moves out of the way in time. Austin turns Mack around and goes for a pin. The referee notices Austin put his feet up on the middle rope and stops the count. Austin and Mack meet at the second and top rope. Austin slips under. Mack flies high and on top of Austin with the six-star frog splash. Mack covers right away, and becomes the new X-Division Champion!

Winner and New X-Division Champion: Willie Mack

Post-Match: Rich Swann comes out and celebrates Mack’s win!

Backstage: Swann informs Mack that all his hard work has paid off; he couldn’t be any prouder. He believes that he and Mack should also work towards their original goal, which was to become the Impact Tag Team Champions. Johnny Swinger joins the celebration, and congratulates Mack for his win. Swinger reminds Mack that he was promised a shot at the X-Division Championship if Mack won it, specifically, the first shot at it.

After, a video package of Kylie Rae’s in-ring debut in Impact from a few weeks ago is shown. Several wrestlers comment about Rae’s career, and how happy they are that she’s part of the Impact roster. Kiera Hogan, on the other hand, doesn’t care that Rae is in Impact, nor that she’s part of the Knockouts division. This leads to their match, which is next!

Kiera Hogan vs. Kylie Rae

Hogan just can’t help herself, and begins trash-talking Rae, which leads to her pushing Rae. Rae grabs Hogan’s finger and bends it. Rae takes Hogan down. Rae keeps the momentum going with two arm drags. Hogan runs towards Rae, and Rae double stomps Hogan’s back. Rae was looking to land the Kylie Special, but Hogan stops her in her tracks with a solid slap. Hogan corners Rae and locks in a foot chokehold. Hogan grabs Rae from the corner and rolls her out with a snapmare. Hogan goes for a cover, and Rae kicks out. Their match will continue after the break.

Back from the break, Rae lands face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Hogan grabs a cover, Rae kicks out at 2. Hogan locks in a front-face lockup. Rae slowly rises to her feet and fights back. Hogan sends Rae towards the ropes and Hogan hits her in the face with a back elbow. Rae counters with a superkick. Both women double superkick each other. In the middle of the ring, both women go back-and-forth, exchanging forearm strikes, which then leads to chops. Hogan connects a roundhouse kick, then covers Rae. Rae kicks out at 2. Rae sends Hogan off her feet with a suplex. Hogan is in the corner. Rae delivers a cannonball. Hogan gets up and beats Rae down with forearm strikes. Rae locks in the STF (Smile To The Finish). Hogan taps out, and Rae wins!

Winner: Kylie Rae

Mathews and Rayne announce the matches that will take place next week for Night Two of Rebellion. Those matches include:

Four-Way Match
Chris Bey vs. Suicide vs. Trey vs. Rohit Raju

Joseph P. Ryan (Joey Ryan) vs. Cousin Jake

Full Metal Mayhem
Rosemary vs. Havok

And an announcement about the Impact World Championship

Before the main event, we take a look at the rise of Sami Callihan’s “ICU” gimmick, and what led to his feud towards Ken Shamrock.

And now, the main event!

Sami Callihan vs. Ken Shamrock (In an Unsanctioned Match)

Before the bell rings, Callihan flies through the ropes and lands right on top of Shamrock. Bell rings, Callihan throws Shamrock down with a vertical suplex. Callihan crawls towards the camera and yells out “ICU. I see everything.” Then, Callihan sends Shamrock towards the barricade. Shamrock screams out and takes Callihan down with a suplex of his own. Callihan lands right on top of the ramp. Shamrock throws Callihan into the barricade. Shamrock jumps off the stage and sends Callihan down on the concrete. Both men make their way backstage.

Back from the final commercial break, Shamrock is looking for Callihan. Callihan throws powder on Shamrock’s face, then smacks him with a trashcan lid. Callihan hits Shamrock again with the lid. He grabs hold of a chain, and strikes him with it before wrapping it around Shamrock’s mouth. Callihan begins choking Shamrock. Callihan then headbutts Shamrock and tells him, “We’re just getting started.” Callihan grabs a trashcan. Shamrock stops him with a kick. Shamrock grabs the trashcan and is about to hit Callihan with it, until oVe shows up.

Madman Fulton hits Shamrock with the trashcan. Fulton pulls Shamrock up by his hair. Callihan returns and joins his fellow brothers. Callihan has his baseball bat in hand. It looks like he’s about to hit Shamrock with it, but instead, he hits Fulton. Dave and Jake Crist are shocked. Callihan gives them the thumbs-up gesture, then proceeds to hit them both with his bat. Both Callihan and Shamrock get up and Callihan says to him, “Let’s finish this.” Shamrocks requests they finish it outside.

Both men are outside now. Callihan slams Shamrock into a truck. Shamrock reverses. Callihan locks in a sleeper hold and tells Shamrock it’s time to, “Go to sleep.” Shamrock fights him off. Shamrock locks in the ankle lock. Callihan is crying out in pain. The referee checks in on Callihan. Callihan passes out. The referee pushes Shamrock off of him. Their match, and the show, ends.

Winner By Submission: Ken Shamrock

That concludes Night One of Rebellion! Thanks for watching! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come next week: