Jim Cornette’s issues with what seems like the entire wrestling world are well documented.

Cornette has been fairly temperate in his criticism of his former boss, Vince McMahon. Cornette has worked for McMahon’s company in the past, though it is unlikely you will see him banging down the doors of Titan Towers in the future.

Cornette didn’t change that stance during a recent episode of the Drive-Thru podcast. During the show, Cornette was asked if he thought McMahon was cool, to which he replied sometimes McMahon can be cool but not often.

“Vince can be fun and entertaining when you are with him on a personal basis, yes… Vince is not anybody that just shoots the s–t,” Cornette said (h/t to Chris Siggia for the transcription). “There has to be a reason for the conversation. He is always working. He doesn’t shoot s–t. He talks about work and then does work. Obviously, when you are having conversation when things come up when you are riding in the car for three hours, he can be entertaining in that respect, but it’s not like he is just somebody that hangs out with people.

“Some of him is (cool) and some of him is crazy and some of him is an evil a-----e. There’s no way to really describe it except to him, the whole business is business. He will just say, ‘Ok, fine, cut him pal, we need to please the stockholders and make the stock look good so fire these guys.’ Then, he does good things for people. Every once in a while you hear of somebody who needs something and he would send them money or he would help them out. He’s kept a lot of guys that were loyal to his dad. He’s taking care of the guys who were loyal to his dad better than most of the people who have been loyal to him.”

Chris Siggia contributed to this article.