Johnny Gargano On Tonight's WWE NXT Match Location, Being Different From "Boneyard" And "Fun House"

Tonight's "Blackheart vs. Rebel Heart: One Final Beat" main event of WWE NXT will see the final meeting between of Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. As noted, WWE has taped the match in an empty building, with nothing but a ring and a referee.

Gargano spoke with Sports Illustrated and Gargano revealed that the match takes place in an abandoned warehouse chosen by Triple H.

"It takes place in an abandoned warehouse picked out by Triple H, and that gives an idea right there that it's not going to be anything we've seen with the empty-arena matches," Gargano revealed. "This will have a different vibe, a different tone, and I can say personally it's unlike anything I've ever been a part of before. I'm not going to compare it to the 'Boneyard' match or the 'Firefly Fun House' match?this is going to be its own unique beast. It's gritty, it's dirty, and it's going to be physical."

Gargano has heard from fans who wanted to see him fight Ciampa at WrestleMania 36, but he said he preferred this match air on NXT instead of WrestleMania. He also said it's fitting that their feud ends this way.

"We've had quite the story, one you couldn't predict. That's been the story for Tommaso and me from the beginning," Gargano said. "We've made the best of whatever we've been given from day one. When we started in NXT, we didn't have contracts. We were two indie guys trying to make the best of it.

"It's appropriate that it ends like this. If this took place perfectly, as planned, during a packed house on WrestleMania weekend, it wouldn't have fit our story. Look back to when Tommaso first turned his back on me, when he turned on me in that ladder match?he tore his ACL, so we had to wait. And waiting made it even better. This fits our story. It couldn't have ended any other way."

Gargano said if fans have been along for the ride over the past few years, then they will recognize parts of the match that spark memories. During a week where WWE fans are still discussing the first-ever Firefly Fun House Match and Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36, Gargano said tonight's match is going to be something special as well. He said above that it will be its own unique beast from those two WrestleMania 36 matches.

"I'm excited to see everyone's thoughts after it airs," Gargano said. "Seeing the reaction to the 'Boneyard' match, seeing the reaction to the 'Firefly Fun House' match, it's all unique taste and all unique opinion. In this current climate, you've got to be unique to stand out, and I think this is going to be something special."