WWE SmackDown Superstar Mandy Rose recently spoke with Metro UK and said she has genuine chemistry with Otis as their real-life friendship goes back to their WWE NXT days.

Rose added that their chemistry has given the new storyline a slice of rare realism.

“Otis and I go way back to NXT and we’ve been friends since NXT, so it’s very nice to know the person pretty well,” she said. “You feel comfortable and I think it comes off more natural on TV as well, which is cool,” she explained. “He’s obviously just so funny.

“I’m always trying to keep a straight face ? and when we’re not working together as well!”

Rose also praised Dolph Ziggler for bringing his experience to the storyline, along with she, Otis and Sonya Deville.

“He’s definitely the one that’s got the most experience, and putting his knowledge into it definitely has helped,” Rose said of Ziggler. “And you know, someone who has that experience and has been in the company for a long time and is so well respected ? it’s nice to have that with us.”