On yesterday’s SmackDown, tension between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville reached a boiling point when Deville referred to Rose as nothing more than a “centerfold b—-,” and then punched her former friend in the face.

Afterwards, in a series of tweets Deville wrote: “My time to be the star. Centerfold b—-. Dead to me.”

Deville then posted a photo of the punch and commented, “Just some advice because well…I care, ya might wanna ice that jaw [smiley face emojis] sincerely ur bestie.”

Rose continued the storyline on her and Deville’s YouTube channel. Rose said it hurt what Deville said and she’s so much more than a pretty face.

“My former best friend Sonya Deville said I was nothing more than a ‘centerfold b—-‘ and that really hurt,” Rose said. “It’s still hurting, can’t really explain to you how I feel. I’m pretty speechless. Coming from the one person that I thought really know the real me, and never in a million years did I ever think the things that she said would come out of her mouth.

“I don’t know where I went wrong, I don’t know what happened along the way. I really don’t know why she feels like this, but it’s unfortunate. I just want say that everything Sonya said tonight is ? there’s nothing I haven’t heard before. My whole life, I’ve been called ‘Just a pretty face,’ or, ‘You’ll never amount to anything, you don’t really have anything to offer, but your looks.’

“It’s never defined who I am, I mean, I’ve heard it my whole life, it’s nothing new. There’s so much more to Mandy Rose than looks, so I hope you guys can all see that. I hope you all do see that. If not, I hope you can see that because there’s so much more. It’s a shame that Sonya Deville feels this way.”

You can hear Rose’s full comments in the video above. Below is video from last night’s segment between Rose and Deville.

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