Former WWE Women’s Champion Maria Kanellis answered a few fan questions during Monday’s RAW episode and was asked if she would return to WWE one day.

“Never say never but my main objective in my future is consistency and stability for my children,” answered Maria, who was released on April 15 along with husband Mike Bennett, as a part of WWE’s COVID-19 cuts.

Another fan responded and asked Maria why she’s tries to “steal the spotlight” on Monday nights by doing Twitter Q&A sessions while WWE RAW is on TV. Fans quickly jumped to Maria’s defense, but the former WWE 24/7 Champion also dismissed the idea.

She wrote back, “If I am taking the spotlight from a billion dollar company by doing a Q and A they have a problem. Haha… this is when the babies go to sleep. There is wrestling on every night and Monday is the best night for us to release our podcast so I do a q and a.”

Mike and Maria recently launched their “Non-Essential Wrestlers” podcast after being released by WWE, available on Twitter at @nonessentialwr1. The happy parents discuss “wrestling and poopy diapers” on the show. Maria revealed during this week’s Q&A that the podcast was her idea.

Maria was also asked if motherhood changes how she feels about the pro wrestling business. She responded, “Going to college changed how I felt about the business. Being fired twice from WWE and being pushed by everyone else changed how I felt about the business. Having kids just made me work harder.”

There’s no word yet on when Mike and Maria might be headed once their non-compete clauses expire with WWE on July 15. Maria apparently still has big dreams for the business. She was asked by another fan what’s one more thing she wishes to accomplish in her career.

“Change the business,” she responded.

You can see Maria’s full tweets below: