Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* The different intros from over the years are shown.

* The Young Bucks hype their Falls Count Anywhere Match at the BTE Compound.

Matt Jackson vs. Nick Jackson

Matt heads out for his entrance, but Nick is nowhere to be seen. Nick then leaps over a railing and splashes down on Matt, goes for the quick pin, two. The two battle on the tennis court as Nick throws his brother into one of the walls, then hits a flip off the wall down on Matt. They trade chops and kicks as Nick says he wanted this match to see if he is one-hundred percent.

Nick eats a kick to the face as the two make their way to another building. Back and forth strikes until Matt goes for a pin, two. Nick throws Matt on a golf cart, tells the referee to jump on and Nick takes off. Matt and Nick swing away as he drives. Nick drives into a fence. They end up in the gym, Nick looks for a brainbuster, no luck. Powerslam by Matt, cover, two-count.

Matt fakes a punch, lands a DDT, cover, two-count. Couple more pin attempts, nobody can finish the match though. The two make their way to the backyard. Cut the kids in the house watching both guys punch each other and a family member pulling the blinds down. Nick lands a suplex, as does Matt. Nick with a big lariat, pin, two. Nick almost thrown into the pool, but he avoids it. Matt thrown into the wall, boots Nick in the face, tries for a couple covers, no luck. Nick walks the fence for an arm drag. Matt lands his northern lights suplex over and over down the yard.

Nick lands a tornado DDT off the fence. Nick then throws dirt in Matt’s face and hits a few superkicks. He puts Matt on a table, climbs up on a nearby roof and hits a senton, cover, Matt kicks out! He then shoves Matt’s face in the pool, Matt pushes him away and spits some water in Nick’s face. Matt swings away and superkicks Nick, who is on the diving board. Matt charges in and hits a canadian destroyer into the pool. Referee jumps in and counts for a two count.

Matt then gets mad and Nick tells him to relax and asks if he wants to see some magic. Nick snaps his fingers and Matt is suddenly Marty Jannetty in the famous barber shop scene with Shawn Michaels (who Nick is now playing). Nick with the superkick and then sends his brother into a nearby window. Matt is busted open, but then he comes back to the match and is suddenly on a deck up high. Nick smacks Matt in the back with a shovel.

They each throw lariats and trade strikes. Matt with a powerbomb on Nick, cover, two. Nick then tries to throw Matt off the deck, Matt fights him off. Matt with a piledriver on the deck. Matt says he didn’t want to have to do this, but he has no choice. Matt has a boot with a ton of thumbtacks on the bottom and superkicks Nick in the face. Matt says “I’m sorry, I love you.” Boots him off the deck and then hits an elbow drop through a table that Nick fell on. Matt Jackson with the cover and the victory.

* Post-match, Matt asks Nick if he feels better now after the match. Nick says he felt like the fans needed it right now, but doesn’t think he’s one-hundred percent yet. Nick says the past four years have been the best of his life. Matt can’t believe they’ve made it to 200 episodes. Nick says he’s do it all over again and thanks Matt for the match.

* We then see a montage of clips from the past episodes featuring all the different stars of the series. Footage is shown of them traveling, working in PWG and ROH, the Bullet Club civil war, planning All In, the different merchandise milestones, Hangman Page’s issues with The Elite, and building AEW.

* After their match, Nick and Matt get in a car. Nick asks Matt, “Where to next?” Matt says, “For the first time ever. I don’t know.” Nick responds, “Actually, Matt, there’s still that one thing we need to do.” Cut to Nick looking at his laptop and closing it with his voiceover, “Did you like that video? I hope you did. Okay, bye.”