Mick Foley Inspired By Becky Lynch And Jewel To Launch New "#FreeFoleyVideo" Twitter Campaign

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is one of the top trends on Twitter today due to a new campaign he has launched to help spread some positive energy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Foley is currently in self-isolation and noted that he won't be able to reunite with his family for a few weeks due to COVID-19 concerns. He was inspired by text messages received from RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch and the singer Jewel, and another friend, to start the "#FreeFoleyVideo" hashtag, calling on fans to tweet a message to him if they want to receive a "free video message" in return.


"Hey everyone, it's Mick Foley and throughout the course of this coronavirus, I've been trying to think of a way that I can get involved and help out in some way," Foley said. "It's frustrating because n the past when a natural disaster has hit, I've tried to get involved and have a fundraiser, do a signing, but in this case we're being told to stay indoors and I know in my case, it'll be a couple of weeks before I get to reunite with my family out of concerns for our safety. I've got time on my hands, I'm going a little bit crazy, and thus far I haven't been able to think of a way that I can help out, other than to stay indoors and stay away from people.

"Then I received a nice text message from Jewel, the singer, very much appreciated. A video message from a friend just saying, 'Good morning, Mick,' and just a few minutes ago, a really nice message from 'The Man' Becky Lynch. Those messages made me realize the power of a few kind words and while I cannot save lives or do anything of heroic in nature, what I can do is try to put some smiles on faces, and I'm thinking the best way to do that is by sending out free video messages to people who ask for one on Twitter. So, if you would like a free video message from me, Mick Foley, just ask on Twitter. Maybe mention a match that you enjoyed, besides Hell In a Cell, favorite Christmas song, your children's names, anything you think would help, and I'll do my very best to get one out. I'll direct message these back to people on Twitter. I don't know what the demand will be, I don't know if it'll be a few, or dozens and dozens, hundreds or maybe a thousand, but I will tell you I'll do my best to answer as many of them as I can, and try in my own little way to make a better place for all mankind. So, have a nice day, send me those requests, and use the hashtag '#FreeFoleyVideo'. See ya later."


Foley launched the hashtag campaign at around 6:30am ET and it's been trending worldwide ever since. You can browse the hashtag to see the many requests sent in by fans.

Below is Foley's full tweet on the campaign: