MLW Fusion Recap (4/4): MJF Vs. Warner In A Loser Leaves Town Empty Arena Match, Septimo Dragon

Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the 2300 arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!


Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of Fusion. They hype the evening's main empty arena loser leaves MLW showdown between MJF and Mance Warner.

Intro song.

Douglas James makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He'll be facing lucha-libre star Septimo Dragon.

Douglas James versus Septimo Dragon

James takes Dragon down by picking the leg. Pace picks up immediately...Dragon ducks a haymaker while James avoid a roundhouse. They reset. James hits a thrust knee strike that sends Dragon to the outside...bottom rope suicide dive from James connects. Dragon shakes it off and lands a moonsault from the apron. Superkick and suicide dive by Dragon in succession. Back in the ring...Dragon with a step through frankensteiner. He charges James in the corner...James comes back with a three hit combo ending with a codebreaker. James picks up Dragon for a vertical suplex...he gets it. Cover...Dragon kicks out. James lays into Dragon's chest with a stiff kicks. James shows off his athleticism and traps Dragon in a crossface submission. Dragon manages to escape...nice sequence of counters by both men...James hits a short-armed lariat. Fisherman suplex attempt but Dragon cradles him...two count. Back and forth striking...they trade superkicks...they take each other out with a roundhouse. Another striking exchange...James tries a GTS...Dragon blocks it and delivers a modified piledriver. He climbs...double-stomp misses...James hits a superkick and jumping knee strike. He picks Dragon up...DVD into the corner. James applies a guillotine choke...Dragon taps!


Douglas James wins by submission

Backstage Richard Holliday takes a phone call in the parking lot with Gino Medina. Something apparently happened as Holliday shoos the cameraman away.

Video package hyping the appearance of AAA's Pagano in MLW.

Mance Warner's debut match from February 2019 is played. Cut to Ole Mancer backstage being interviewed with by Alicia Atout. She asks how Warner prepares for a match with his career on the line. Warner says he's happy that there will be no fans to witness the brutal beating he's going to place on MJF later this evening. Atout asks whether Warner has a plan to combat the rest of Dynasty in case they try to interfere. Warner responds, "f**k em."

Flashback to last week's episode of Fusion when Injustice jumped Brian Pillman Jr. in the parking lot. Myron Reed drove Pillman's head through a cinder block. Commentary tells us that Injustice has since been suspended and fined for their actions.

MLW promotes next week's super series cross-promotional event with AAA. LA Park and his sons cut a promo on Psycho Clown challenging him to a three on three tag bout, claiming that they are the best thing that has ever happened to lucha libre. Announced for next week is Alexander Hammerstone defending the National Openweight championship against Laredo Kid.


Backstage Atout is looking for an interview with MJF. Holliday and Hammerstone open the door and tell Atout to leave because MJF is trying to focus. A video of MJF's MLW debut from 2017 is played, then plays a clip of winning the Middleweight championship from Joey Ryan in 2018.

Savio Vega gets interviewed. He says that tonight is the night everything ends for MJF. He chooses Mance Warner to in tonight's headlining bout.

Footage from last week's main event between King Mo and Low Ki is shown. Mo got the victory after interference from Tom Lawlor, who smashed an umbrella over Ki behind the referee's back. Commentary tells us that Team Filthy will be hosting a press conference in two weeks time.

Cut to backstage...Hammerstone and Holliday approach Warner with weapons. Warner is ready for a fight...Savio Vega jumps Holliday and the four men brawl. After a quick commercial break...Warner's controversial barbed wire match with Jimmy Havoc is shown. We see that Vega and Warner got the upperhand on Dynasty and they will not play a part in MJF's match tonight.

Promo from the Von Erich family. Marshall says that Team Filthy has hit a new low as a faction. "We are coming for you cowards."

Promo from MJF...he shares a story about being bullied in school, and promises to prove that Warner is not the only person who can be a psychopath.


Main event time. Warner and MJF are already in the ring. Here we go.

Mance Warner versus MJF Loser Leaves Town Empty Arena Match

Warner chops MJF to the outside...MJF ambushes him and whips Warner into the barricade. Warner throws a chair at MJF's head. MJF shakes it off and begins choking Warner with a nearby electrical chord. He grabs a pair of bolt cutters but Warner retakes control and threatens to chop MJF in the nuts. MJF manages to escape and sends Warner face first into a series of empty chairs in the crowd. Fight moves to the top of the bleachers...Warner blocks an attempt made by MJF to throw him off the balcony. He grabs MJF by the head and sends MJF crashing down the bleachers. MJF kicks out of a cover and grabs a nearby broom to choke Warner again. He smacks it off his back. Someone on the production team hands MJF a cigarette...he puts it out on Warner's head. MJF uses his phone to call a taxi but Warner pops back up and throws another chair at MJF's face. Warner grabs the phone and cancels the cab. Back in the ring....MJF and Warner trade fists...Warner wins the exchange by slapping MJF across the face, then laying into him with jabs and an elbow strike. MJF slows Warner down by thumbing him in the eye but Ole Mancer bounces off the ropes and nearly decapitates MJF with a running lariat.'s over.


Mance Warner wins by pinfall

Commentary tells us that MJF is no longer in MLW and Warner is here to stay.

That's the show friends.