MLW Fusion Recap (4/11): AAA Vs. MLW Super Series Begins, Hammerstone Defends Against Laredo Kid

Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez Arena in Tijuana Mexico. Enjoy the show!

Rich Bocchini narrates over a video package highlighting some of Mexico's biggest attractions. He says that since the 19th century lucha-libre wrestling has dominated their culture, and tonight the MLW roster collides with AAA.


Fusion intro song.

Rich Bocchin and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another episode of MLW Fusion. They hype up the Super Series as the National Anthem plays, then tells us that Alexander Hammerstone will be defending his National Openweight championship against Laredo Kid. Also coming up tonight...Mance Warner teams with Savio Vega to take on Pagano and Mortiz. That matchup is now. Mortiz makes his way out first. Camera cuts backstage where Alicia Atout congratulates Mance Warner for surviving last week's Loser Leaves Town matchup against MJF. Vega pops up and says that they're going to bring the fight to Pagano and Mortiz. Hammerstone joins the commentary table for this opening bout.

Mance Warner/Savio Vega versus Pagano/Mortiz in a Tijuana Street Fight


Vega begins with Pagano. Crowd cheers loud for the AAA stars. Tie-up. Vega lands the first strike. He goes for a second one but Pagano ducks and he accidentally hits Warner. Mortiz jumps in and now all four men are going at it. Vega and Warner chop the luchadores on the outside. Warner whips a steel chair at Mortiz's head. Vega gets his hands on the chair and uses it to choke Mortiz. A fan hands Vega a beer...he smashes it off of Pagano's face. Back in the ring...Pagano unloads with a flurry of strikes onto Warner...Vega sneaks behind him and pierces him with skewers! Mortiz pulls Vega and Warner to the outside.

Pagano takes advantage and hits a plancha to take everyone out at ringside. Mortiz jumps into the ring and bounces off the ropes...suicide dive sends Vega and Warner through a board, which was set up prior to the match beginning. Warner gets a nearfall on Pagano...Mortiz breaks it up with a chairshot...he and Warner trade head shots! Vega goes for a powerbomb...he gets it! Vega and Pagano lay into each other...Warner comes out of nowhere and breaks a chair off of Pagano.

Vega and Pagano continue to brawl at ringside while Warner and Mortiz uses weapons on each other in the ring. Mortiz slaps Warner across the chest, then sets up a flaming table! Mortiz and Warner on the top...Warner chokeslams him through! They try and go for the cover but the referee is too busy trying to put the fire out. This leads to Pagano and Warner having a duel with doors....Pagano catches Warner with a spear through the door...cover...only two. Warner drops Pagano, then follows up with a running knee. Hammerstone leaves the commentary table and nails Warner with a bicycle kick. Mortiz places Warner on a table hits a splash. Pagano with a running blockbuster neckbreaker onto Vega. That'll do it.


Pagano/Mortiz win by pinfall

Commentary tells us that Team Filthy's King Mo has been suspended for his attack on Killer Kross, and will not be able to appear or compete for a month. Promo from Tom Lawlor. He blames the MLW higher-ups for halting Team Filthy's momentum, but he promises that he and Dominic Garrini will adjust. He announces that they are entering the tag team division, and look to dethrone the Von Erichs as tag team champions. Lawlor and Garrini will be in action on next week's show against two more AAA guys.

Video of Dynasty...they are waking up from a night of partying with a terrible hangover. They can't seem to find Gino Medina. Hammerstone asks why Holliday why he took them to a donkey show. They both remember they have to wrestle, then leave the room to try and find their partner.

Footage of Injustice's attack on Brian Pillman Jr. from two weeks ago is played. Commentary reminds us that Injustice has been suspended because of their actions. Injustice grabs a cameraman and tells him to tell Court Bauer that they refuse to pay their fine, and they may just show up at MLW's show in Mexico.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. is asked about the attack on Pillman. He says that Pillman is tough and will bounce back. Smith then reveals that he's taking a meeting with Court Bauer regarding a future title opportunity against MLW heavyweight champion Jacob Fatu. The Josef Samael Contra promo is replayed. Injustice later confronts Konnan to talk some more trash...Konnan says he'll give them a shot at the AAA six-man tag belts, but they better be careful...because they may not make it out of Mexico.


Promo from AAA's Psycho Clown. He accepts LA Park's challenge for the Super Series bout, and looks forward to humiliating Park and his sons.

Main event time. Atout asks Hammerstone about Dynasty's losing streak. Hammerstone says that all he does is win, and that he doesn't plan on losing it to Laredo Kid. Kid makes his way to the ring, followed by the champ. Here we go.

Alexander Hammerstone versus Laredo Kid for the MLW National Openweight championship

Tie-up. Hammerstone shows off his power by shoving Kid to the mat. Second tie-up...Hammerstones shoves him again. Kid rallies the crowd behind him. He connects with three leg-kicks, then goes for an Irish-whip...Hammerstone reverses...headscissor from Kid sends Hammerstone to the outside. Kid follows up with a crossbody over the top taking Hammerstone down. Back in the ring Kid climbs to the top...Hammerstone catches him and hits a uranagi. Hammerstone stomps Kid down in the corner, then chokes him with his boot. Hard Irish-whip and Kid strikes the turnbuckle hard.

He locks in the arms and hits an elevated double-underhook suplex. Hammerstone has the match won but he lets Kid up to keep punishing him. He throws Kid to the outside and rocks him with forearms. Back inside Kid surprises Hammerstone with an enziguri and a missile dropkick. Hammerstone goes to ringside to recover but Kid rocks him with a suicide dive. Kid throws a beer into Hammerstone's face and brings Hammerstone back into the ring.


Kid charges Hammerstone with a running forearm and snap suplex. Mid-rope moonsault from Kid. A second. Cover...only one. Hammerstone shakes it off and lands and elbow and v-trigger knee. Reverse DVD by Hammerstone for a nearfall. He calls for the Nightmare pendulum...Kid counters into a school-boy...two count. Huge lariat from Hammerstone. He puts Kid on the top rope...Kid headbutts him off and is in position.

450 connects. Hammerstone JUST kicks out. Hammerstone pops up and delivers a bicycle kick. He goes for another lariat but the referee gets in the way and gets knocked out. Hammerstone climbs...Kid meets him up there...Spanish-Fly! Kid has the match won but there's no referee. Kid puts the referee back inside...Hammerstone with a release German, powerbomb, and Nightmare Pendulum in succession. It's over.

Alexander Hammerstone wins by pinfall to retain the MLW National Openweight Championship

Hammerstone celebrates his 9th title defense, as commentary reminds us that he's been Openweight champion for nearly a year.

That's the show friends. Stay safe.