Welcome to Wrestling INC’s recap of Major League Wrestling’s weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight’s show takes place from the Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez Arena in Tijuana Mexico. Enjoy the show!

Recap to last week’s show when Dynasty’s Alexander Hammerstone cost Mance Warner his tag match against Pagano. Cut to Warner who cuts a promo on Hammerstone. He says they literally went through fire and broke every chair in the building to entertain the fans but he had to get involved. “Hammerstone…you big son of a b**ch…you’re a dead man.” He walks off and says he’s going to drink some beers.

Intro song.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch officially welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. Tonight’s show is the second edition of the Super Series, which features talents from MLW and AAA. Douglas James makes his way out to the ring for our opening contest. An interview with James and Alicia Atout is played. James says he has nothing but respect for his opponent Averno, but he plans on proving himself in front of all the fans in Tijuana. Averno is out second.

Douglas James versus Averno

Tie-up. Averno with a takedown but James shows off his ground wrestling technique to break free. They reset. James picks the leg and goes for a rear naked choke…Averno rolls to the ropes and James is forced to let go. Pace picks up…James send Averno to ringside with a dropkick. He goes to the apron and hits a superkick…Averno shakes it off and sweeps James’ leg out, then whips him into the barricade. Firemans carry from Averno…he drops James right onto the apron. Averno assembles a broken table from one of the earlier matches and sends James into it.

Back in the ring…Averno sets up for a buckle bomb…he hits it. James gets to his feet and chops Averno hard. Averno sends one back…back and forth striking…flying forearm from James. A second one, followed by a flying lariat. Corner enziguri and middle-rope frankensteiner. Averno rolls outside again…James tries a bottom rope suicide dive but his foot gets caught and the move is botched. They recover…James nails Averno with a running meteora. Cover…VERY slow count by the ref…only two. Averno counters a move…HUGE ELBOW strike. James is knocked out. Referee calls for the bell.

Averno wins by knockout

Flashback to Injustice’s attack on Brian Pillman Jr…Myron Reed curb stomped Pillman’s head through a cinder-block. Cut to Davey Boy Smith Jr. He says that he has been cleared to compete at Super Series, and is coming for Team Filthy after their attack at the 2300 arena in Philadelphia. Smith then says that Pillman has also been cleared despite having his jaw wired shut. He then calls out Texano Jr. and Rey Escorpion Jr. for a tag matchup next week against the Hart Foundation.

Commentary tells us that Injustice will face Jinetes Del Aire for the AAA six-man tag team titles in a few weeks. Injustice then cuts a promo saying they plan on walking out of Mexico as the new champs. Oliver then promises to beat Pillman’s ass again. A video package hyping Vikingo is played.

Footage from earlier in the day of Dynasty trying to cross the border is shown. The interviewer asks Holliday about whether he will defend his Caribbean championship in Mexico. He says he will even though he doesn’t know the name of his opponent.

Commentary reminds us that King Mo defeated Low Ki thanks to interference from Tom Lawlor. Team Filthy will be headlining tonight’s show in tag action. Pagano is backstage and calls himself the craziest man in Mexico, then calls out MLW heavyweight champion Jacob Fatu.

Another interview with Alexander Hammerstone. He makes a pass at Atout who calls him disgusting. Mance Warner comes out of nowhere and begins battering Hammerstone. They brawl to end the segment.

Promo from Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini. They mock the Von Erich brothers, and officially announce that they have entered the MLW tag division. Lawlor then challenges the brothers to defend their tag titles against them. Backstage the brawl between Warner and Hammerstone continues. They even scare Atout coming out of an elevator.

Main even time. Team Filthy (Lawlor & Garrini) is out first. Their opponents…Puma King and Xtreme Tiger…are out second. Here we go.

Team Filthy versus Puma King/Xtreme Tiger

Lawlor and Tiger begin. Lawlor traps Tiger on the ropes and unloads strikes. Tiger with a takedown and ground and pound. Lawlor goes for a big boot but Tiger hits a leg sweep. Fun exchange that sees Tiger hit an enziguri knocking Lawlor off his feet. Lawlor plays against the crowd wonderfully. Garrini tags in. So does King. Knuckle-lock to start…King applies a hammerlock.

Garrini counters with a headlock but King retakes control …flush kick landed by Garrini to King’s gut. King responds with a dropkick and a snap powerslam. Jumping senton from King. He puts Garrini in the rings of saturn. Lawlor jumps in and puts King in an armbar. Tiger jumps in and applies the Kimura to Lawlor. Team Filthy separate King away from Tiger…double team. Garrini locks in the rear-naked choke. Tiger helps his partner out and dumps Garrini to the outside. Submission from Tiger onto Lawlor but Garrini is right there.

Another double-team by Team Filthy. King jumps in and rocks Lawlor with a superkick. Suplex to Lawlor. King then goes after Garrini with a vicious combination that sends him to the outside. Splash from the ropes. Lawlor and Tiger end up in the ring alone. Lawlor catches Tiger coming off the ropes with a rear naked choke. Tiger taps.

Team Filthy wins by submission

Garrini and Lawlor celebrate to the dismay of the crowd. Commentary tells us that this victory could certainly catapult Team Filthy into the tag team title picture. They tell us that Holliday will be defending his Caribbean championship next week against Chessman.

Savio Vega and Brian Pillman Jr are backstage with Alicia Atout celebrating her birthday. Warner and Hammerstone come in brawling…Warner smashes Hammerstone’s face into the cake they had set up. Vega, Atout, Warner, and Pillman then begin eating the cake.

That’s the show friends.