Welcome to Wrestling INC’s recap of Major League Wrestling’s weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight’s show takes place from the Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez Arena in Tijuana Mexico. Enjoy the show!

Rich Bocchini recaps the last two weeks of the super series action featuring MLW and AAA talents. The promotions are tied at 2-2. Matches scheduled for tonight include Richard Holliday battling Chessman, and The Hart Foundation facing one of AAA’s top tag teams.

Fusion intro song.

Bocchini and AJ Kirsch officially welcome us to the show in Mexico. Richard Holliday makes his way out for our opening contest. Holliday continues to carry the Caribbean championship, which still technically belongs to Savio Vega. He jumps on the microphone to a chorus of boos. He says that the fans in attendance most likely cannot afford air-pods as he takes his out. Chessman is out next, and our first bout is underway. Commentary tells us this will be a title match.

Richard Holliday versus Chessman NO DQ For The Caribbean Championship

Chessman rocks Holliday with a forearm and a dropkick that sends Holliday to ringside. Chessman sets up for a suicide dive but Holliday grabs a chair and smashes him at the ropes. On the outside Holliday nails Chessman across the back with the chair, then throws him back into the ring for an early pinfall attempt. The AAA referee takes his time making the count. Holliday keeps the pressure on with a corner lariat. He stomps Chessman down and chokes him with his boot. Irish whip…Chessman retakes control…suicide dive sends Holliday into the guardrail.

Chessman picks up the chair…huge shot across Holliday’s lower back. Back and forth striking exchange…they take each other out with lariats. Holliday hits a superkick, followed by his final cut suplex. Chessman kicks out at two after a slow count. As Holliday argues with the ref Chessman nails a Yakuza kick. He climbs…moonsault connects for a two count. He goes for a second one…Holliday moves! Gutwrench powerbomb…Holliday gets the win.

Richard Holliday wins by pinfall to retain the Caribbean championship

Flashback to last week when Mance Warner and Alexander Hammerstone brawled backstage, and even crashed Alica Atout’s birthday celebration. Cut to Atout interviewing Warner, who is drinking a beer. Warner apologizes for ruining Atout’s birthday party, and brings her a lite beer. Atout thanks Warner for getting MJF out of the MLW. Warner changes his course…he says he needs gold. Atout suggests that he goes after Hammerstone’s National Openweight championship. “I’m gonna whoop that ass every week until I get that gold and hit the pay window.”

Commentary provides an update on Douglas James. They say he’ll be out for at least 5-6 months unless cleared by a neurologist. A pillow talk segment with AAA superstar LA Park. He sleeps next to his wife, who constantly wakes him up by nagging him. Another cooking segment with Park will take place on next week’s Fusion.

Promo from Pagano. He says that it’s not a party without a crazy clown, and we can expect to see him a lot more in MLW.

Alexander Hammerstone addresses Warner from his ranch in Arizona. He calls Warner his one real enemy in wrestling. “Instead of admiring greatness we take pride in mediocrity…like you.” He says he’s offended that Warner even has the gall to ask for a title shot, because he represents everything wrestling is supposed to be. “If we wrestle for my National Openweight championship…I’m going to wreck you Mance.”

Elsewhere…The Von Erichs address Team Filthy entering the MLW tag division. They look forward to seeing them across the ring. Vignette for Vikingo, who will be in action during this Super Series.

Commentary tells us that Low Ki interrupted the Team Filthy press conference by attacking Dan Lambert. Cut to Low Ki in the parking lot. He says what Team Filthy has started is a war. “I could make some phone calls…I can make a phone call to the king. Regardless…the party is not over.” Bocchini tells us that Injustice will receive their AAA trios tag title shot on next week’s show.

Main even time. Los Mercenarios (Texano Jr. & Escorpion Jr.) are out first. The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr.) are out second. Here we go.

Hart Foundation versus Los Mercenarios

Pillman and Texano start. They trade stiff right hands. Pillman slows the action with a wristlock. Texano reverses the pressure but Pillman uses his unique athleticism to break the hold. Texano slaps Pillman across the face. Pillman whips Texano into the corner and hits a running lariat. He fakes him out with a corner dropkick, then returns a slap across the face. Huge chops from Pillman. Commentary remind us that this is the first time Pillman and Smith have teamed up in month. Los Mercenarios take advantage of a distracted referee to double-team Pillman.

The continue to work over Pillman for a large portion of the match. Escorpion tags in and nearly wins the match with a falling powerbomb. Pillman breaks free and makes the tag but because the referee didn’t see it he forces Smith to leave. Eventually Smith gets the tag…he back body drops Escorpion into Texano, then lariats them both out of the ring. Pillman pumps up the crowd and connects with a tope con hilo. Fans are into the Hart Foundation. Smith holds up Texano…flying lariat by Pillman. Smith with a bridging pin…it’s over.

The Hart Foundation win by pinfall

Commentary tell us that MLW now leads the Super Series 4-2 following tonight’s two victories. Highlights of the match are shown. Smith and Pillman celebrate as the Tijuana fans give them a warm ovation.

Contra Unit interrupts the feed. Josef Samael reminds fans that Contra is preparing for the upcoming war, with units all across the world, waiting to strike.

That’s the show friends.