New WWE Network Content Announced For This Week - Tegan Nox's Comeback, Broken Skull Sessions, More

WWE has announced a load of new content to premiere on the WWE Network this week, including a documentary on WWE NXT Superstar Tegan Nox, which is made up of the recent WWE Performance Center mini-episodes on her comeback. That will premiere on Wednesday at 10am ET.


The "Broken Skull Sessions" episode with WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and Ric Flair has also been confirmed to premiere on Sunday at 10am ET on-demand.

Below is the line-up of new content to air this week:

* Tuesday, April 7: Shawn Michaels' Best WrestleMania Matches, 9:30am ET

* Tuesday, April 7: Charlotte Flair's 8 Most Memorable Matches, 8pm ET

* Wednesday, April 8: The Comeback – Tegan Nox, 10am ET on-demand

* Wednesday, April 8: The Bump, 10am ET

* Thursday, April 9: John Cena's Best WrestleMania Matches, 12pm ET

* Thursday, April 9: WWE NXT UK, 3pm ET

* Thursday, April 9: This Week In WWE, 7pm ET

* Friday, April 10: Ten Best Matches of the Decade, 10am ET on-demand

* Friday, April 10: WWE 205 Live, 10pm ET


* Sunday, April 12: Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions with Ric Flair, 10am ET on-demand