Thursday was said to be a rough day for WWE staff due to the fallout from Wednesday's cuts, according to PWInsider. It was noted that employees were acclimating themselves to the new new normal with so much of the company being released or furloughed.

One source noted to PWInsider that it felt as if at least 40% of the company was gone vs. the day before, and some spoke of having some form of "survivor's guilt" because friends and co-workers were let go while they kept their jobs.

It was also said that this is a rough time as the remaining employees have much more work on their plate moving forward, and the company has less manpower to get the work done.

The cuts on Wednesday were across the board, in every division of the company. WWE's live events division was reportedly hit especially hard because the company isn't touring right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. WWE Digital also suffered significant cuts.

The passing of WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel added to the rough day yesterday. The Fink passed away at the age of 69.