WWE NXT newcomer Killer Kross received a Twitter shot from Nia Jax this evening during the WrestleMania 36 Kickoff pre-show.

The exchange began after a fan wondered why Liv Morgan was trying to copy the look of Scarlett Bordeaux, who is Kross’ girlfriend and is also signed to NXT. Kross said that’s a great question.

He responded to the fan and wrote, “Great question”

Jax immediately defended her friend Liv and wrote back to Kross, “You better take a f**ken seat real quick dude.”

Kross has not responded to Jax’s tweet as of this writing but he did agree with another fan and tweeted that it was “weird” Liv used Scarlett’s look.

One fan wrote that Scarlett must be mad at the similar attire and Kross responded, “No kidding.”

Kross did respond to another group of fans who were arguing in the thread, telling them none of the social media drama was serious.

He wrote, “Guys, keep it light hearted. None of this is serious. Enjoy the show [sign of the horns emoji]”

You can see their full tweets below: