Paige is sending money to WWE fans to help them out during the tough times brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

As seen in the tweets below, the WWE Backstage analyst took to Twitter today to check in on fans and ask how they were doing. She then asked about everyone's biggest struggles right now. A few fans responded with comments on their financial issues, and Paige responded by asking their Venmo details for payment.

There's no word yet on how much Paige sent, but one recipient posted a photo of groceries in her trunk.

Paige also responded to one fan who warned her not to fall for the claims as people are receiving stimulus help from the government.

She wrote back, "Sure some people got help. But some people didn't or haven't yet. Also some have bills that the pay out isn't helping and maybe they have to go without. Also so many people have lost their jobs. Why not help out if I can?"

You can see Paige's related tweets below, along with comments from the fans she sent money to: