Ricochet and Cedric Alexander vs. Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink is now official for next week’s WWE RAW episode. MVP will be leading the two WWE NXT Superstars into battle.

Next week’s tag team match will be a rematch from last week’s RAW, which saw Cedric and Ricochet get the win. This week’s RAW saw Cedric and Ricochet defeat two more enhancement talents from NXT – Chase Parker and Matt Martel, known as Ever-Rise. Parker and Martel have worked recent NXT and WWE Main Event matches, but they lost their RAW debuts this week.

After the match, MVP appeared on the big screen with Thorne and Vink to taunt Cedric and Ricochet. The two Australian NXT Superstars, using MVP as their mouthpiece, called last week’s win a fluke. MVP, who said he was inspired by the NFL Draft to re-introduce Vink and Thorne, added that he saw a possible rematch in the future that could be “straight up ballin’!,” as he used to say.

As seen in the post-RAW video below, Ricochet and Cedric took shots at MVP and accepted the challenge for next Monday night. They also may have teased “Too Fly” for their new tag team name.

MVP, who still works with WWE as a behind-the-scenes Producer, also worked this week’s RAW in the opening segment. He hosted The VIP Lounge with competitors from the upcoming men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match.

Above is video from the Cedric and Ricochet vs. Ever-Rise match, and below is a shot of MVP with Vink and Thorne, plus post-show video of Ricochet and Cedric, and footage from The VIP Lounge: