Seth Rollins recently spoke with Hollywood Life to promote his WrestleMania 36 match against Kevin Owens. Rollins said the past few weeks have been “a really humbling experience” as WWE was forced to make significant changes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“There is a lot of gratitude that goes into the last few weeks,” Rollins said. “A lot of times our job runs us ragged, and we complain, as all of us do, about our workplaces. ‘[We] are frustrated or are overworked and underappreciated’ and stuff like that. I think with this situation, it certainly makes you take a look at the brighter side of things.”

“You look around, and you see that over three million Americans filed for unemployment last week, which is unheard of, and the fact that we [in the WWE] are still able to have employment. Not only that, but it’s a job that I love, and I still get to take part in that job during this time, even if it is in an abbreviated fashion. There is something very humbling and a lot of gratitude that goes along with all of that so, hopefully, when we come out of this crisis, it will be something we can take with us moving forward in our day-to-day lives.”

Rollins said he and fiancée RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch are being “super chill” during the COVID-19 quarantine, while keeping their spirits high. He said they’re taking advantage of the downtime by cooking dinner together, watching movies and hanging out.

“Obviously, no one knows how long this process is going to take,” Rollins said. “We’re taking advantage of the downtime and cook some dinners, watch movies, and hang out. We don’t really get a lot of time to do that. So you know, we are going to get full nights of sleep. We are going to hang out with my animals. Just enjoy quality time as opposed to work time, which is where we spend most of our time doing. Luckily she is not one of those fussy types that need a whole lot to be entertained, so I am okay and I will be alright. I think she is down with drinking beers and hanging out.”

One thing Rollins isn’t interested in is TikTok, the social media platform that has seen an increase in users during the coronavirus quarantine. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have made headlines for their TikTok videos. Rollins said he hates the social media app.

“Oh, goodness. I am looking forward to most spending time with my animals ? my dog Kevin and my cat Darrell ? as I don’t get to spend nearly as much time with them when we have our regular schedule,” Rollins said. “As far as TikTok is concerned, look, I will say this very plainly: I hate TikTok! The internet is a great cheerleader right now since there is a great amount of time where positivity is going around, and I don’t want to spread negativity, but look, we have way too much time on our hands, and TikTok is not? I mean, read a book!

“For God’s sake, these dance videos on TikTok are driving me absolutely insane. I can’t handle it anymore? Yeah, I am looking forward to staying in and watching a bunch of television shows and catching up with some movies, hanging out with my dog and my cat. I am going to order an espresso machine for my house so I can learn how to make great coffee at home. My coffee shop is having a lot of trouble obviously right now as a small business, so those are a few things I am looking forward to, but TikTok is not one of them! [Laughs]”