Since retiring from the ring, Charles Wright hasn’t strayed far from his Godfather gimmick as he lives in Las Vegas and runs a Gentleman’s Club.
He talked about what his life in Vegas is like at the moment when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast earlier today.

“I’m still involved in the cannabis business and the adult business. I’m busy man, just busy. I don’t watch my TV as I’m always on the run and doing something,” Godfather said before expanding on his work in the cannabis industry.

“I don’t have any products out there but I do a lot of speaking engagements on cannabis and CBD and their benefits. And I’m not afraid to smoke with people either [laughs]. You gotta follow me on Instagram where I’m @TheGodfather but I’m a firm believer in cannabis. It’s done nothing but good for me and I’m 58 years old but most people think I’m a lot younger. If you look at a lot of the wrestlers that are my age, they look a lot older because they’re drinking and doing pills. At 27 years old, I tried cannabis for the first time and it changed my life for the better. I think it saved me.

“To this day I don’t take any pain pills and the hardest drug I take is probably an Aleve [laughs]. So, it’s worked very well for me and I like speaking about it. I do a lot of cannabis festivals and autograph signings. I’m basically retired but I’m having a lot of fun and staying busy.”

Godfather stated on Dark Side of the Ring that he smoked before his Brawl For All match in which he was knocked out by Bart Gunn. He then responded to people saying he blamed the marijuana for him losing to Bart.

“I’m getting a lot of stuff on Instagram where people are saying, ‘Are you blaming marijuana?’ No, I never said it cost me the fight. I was smoking all the time so smoking got me there,” said Godfather. “I never blamed it on that as it was just something I did. Now my wife, she made me at least admit maybe I shouldn’t have been smoking that day. I will admit that and I will say that if I was not smoking that day, I would have given myself a better chance. That’s not taking nothing away from Bart as he was a tough son of a gun and still is.”

Godfather was then asked if smoking weed was a common thing backstage in WWE at the time.

“When I was there, some of the older guys smoked but very, very few guys smoked when I was there. I used to try to get ? I’m not gonna name names as lots of people have passed on ? but I used to try to get them to smoke and get off of this other stuff as it worked for me. But not a lot of people were doing it when I was there as it was just a handful of us,” Godfather said before being asked if he was ever fined for smoking weed.

“I was never fined for smoking marijuana.”

Chris Jericho claims Vince McMahon once told him a story about lighting up a joint at a concert and Godfather was asked about McMahon’s views on marijuana.

“[Laughs] Well, I’m not gonna go that far but Vince is up on the times. If cannabis were to become legal, then he would have no problem supporting it. He supported it when I was there,” revealed Godfather. “I’ve never smoked with Vince or seen Vince smoke.”

With his love of marijuana, Godfather was then asked what kind of weed strain he would be.

“I would definitely be a sativa because I just keep going and going. When I’m ready to go to sleep, I go to sleep. I don’t need to smoke no weed to go to sleep,” stated Godfather.

“I smoked a lot of the pressed rosin too because none of that stuff is made with chemicals. I try to stay away from anything made with chemicals.”

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