The Revival Gets Indie Heat For Using "The Revolt" As Their New Post-WWE Tag Team Name

"The Revolt" Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood reportedly have heat on the indies for their new tag team name.

The team formerly known as The Revival's Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder recently revealed their new ring names and tag team name, but PWInsider reports that the team name they chose isn't going over so well with some on the indies as Caleb Konley and Zane Riley have used the "Revolt" name for more than 5 years.


It was noted that those in the North Carolina indie scene are upset about the name as Konley and Riley have invested in using and merchandising The Revolt for some time. It was also noted that since Wheeler and Harwood are from the Carolinas, this is seen as personal because "one of their own" did this to working indie talents. The report added that it is entirely possible that Wheeler and Harwood weren't aware of the name being used by Konley and Riley as they have been wrapped up in the WWE grind for some time now.

Riley and Konley have been re-tweeting support from fans and other indie wrestlers since the issue became a hot topic on social media.

Riley also tweeted, "Hey @DaxHarwood and @CashWheelerFTR! If ya need ideas for merch or gear or anything we got 5 years worth it just boppin' around!"


Konley added in another tweet, "I gotta say. Its a real good name. Almost like a tag team should have been doing it years ago. #Revolt"

Konley also linked to a promo they did and wrote, "Imitation really isn't the best form of flattery #revolt #ftr"

Wheeler and Harwood have not responded to the complaints as of this writing. You can see related tweets in support of Konley and Riley below, along with the new teaser promos that Wheeler and Harwood tweeted today: