WWE NXT Superstar The Velveteen Dream took to Twitter this afternoon to deny allegations made against him.

Dream has been trending worldwide on social media since this morning after a screenshot was posted to Reddit, alleged to be of a direct message exchange he had with an underage fan on Instagram. The exchange allegedly had Dream sending a photo of his private parts to the fan, and asking for a photo in return. The speculation was that Dream had been hacked, as anyone who got into his account would have access to any photos he had previously shared with others.

Dream tweeted this afternoon and said he did not have inappropriate communications with anyone, and that a private photo of his was shared without his consent or knowledge. He added that he is working with a third party to look into what happened.

“Be assured I did not communicate inappropriately with anyone. A private photo of mine was shared without my consent or knowledge and I am working with a third party to look into this matter,” Dream wrote.

We have reached out to WWE and will provide updates if we receive any.

You can see Dream’s full tweet below: