Triple H On How He's Handling AEW Dynamite Dominating WWE NXT In The Ratings

Triple H recently spoke with Sports Illustrated. It was noted that while AEW Dynamite has dominated the Wednesday Night ratings war with NXT, Triple H refuses to panic. He told SI that he's a believer in the long-term game.


"I'm a believer in the long-term game," he said. "You create the right product, and over time, people will find it. I think back to Monday nights years ago, and it looks different now, but there were periods of time when WWE was putting on much better shows and the content was much better, but we were still getting beat. We were not winning 'the war,' but we stayed true to who we were.

"If it's a flash and it's exciting at first but you can't maintain it, then it loses that pizzazz. It's long-term duration, for me, that's how you win. I've been saying it since the beginning?I'm not concerned about those numbers week-to-week. It's about trying to put out the best show you can every week."

The debut of former Impact Wrestling star Killer Kross is set to happen in NXT soon as he has been featured in several "coming soon" vignettes as of late, one that interrupted a recent in-ring segment with Triple H, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. That interruption led fans to speculate on Kross possibly interfering in this week's "Blackheart vs. Rebel Heart: The Final Beat" match between the former DIY partners, which was taped in an empty building with just a ring and a referee. Triple H praised Kross as something special.


"The first time you see him, you know right away that he's something special," Triple H said of Kross. "It's been a long path for him to get where he is. He is a unique talent that combines what he does in the ring with his charisma and his intelligence. I'm excited for him to be here."