WWE Hall of Famer Triple H recently spoke with Newsweek to promote his 25th Anniversary Celebration, which will kick off during tonight’s SmackDown on FOX episode.

Fans on social media have been speculating on a possible Money In the Bank spot for The Game as we get closer to the big MITB pay-per-view on May 10, which will feature the men’s and women’s ladder matches at WWE HQ, ending on the roof of Titan Tower. Triple H has never been in a MITB Ladder Match and was asked if that’s something he wishes he would have been involved with at some point in his career.

“I have no desire to climb a high ladder and get pushed off of it,” he said. “There are certain guys that are built for ladders and guys who are and I’m not one of them. My ladder matches have normally involved me whacking someone with it or getting whacked with it a lot. So climbing and falling off of it is not my forte.

“When the MITB ladder matches started to come around, it was built around an additional match at WrestleMania. I’ve really just had these other storylines going on where I was never sort of involved in the MITB matches themselves. I’ve had ladder matches and been involved with a lot of them. It’s never anything that I regret because you’ve never seen me do a moonsault for a reason.”

Triple H was also asked if he has any regrets from his career.

“I’m not big on it,” Triple H said of regrets. “To me the positives and the negatives all happen for a reason and they get you to where you’re at today. You make mistakes and put them behind you and learn from what came from them. Some of the biggest learnings I ever had I learned way more out of the mistakes than my successes. Some of my successes happen and I’m not sure how they did, I just found myself there, but the mistakes you have to search and find out what happened there and why and figure it out.

“So I wouldn’t change any of it. I couldn’t be happier with where I am. I’ve had a hell of a career, a hell of a life and it’s all been phenomenal. And even the bad parts I would keep them.”

Regarding his legacy, Triple H was asked how he thinks it will be looked at and how he wants people to see it.

“It’s hard to say, especially when you look at 25 years. Ask me after 25 more and I’ll tell you what I think my legacy should be, I guess. It’s hard for me to say that. If I had to say anything it’ll be that he was the greatest sports entertainer in the world and was passionate every day about not only being a part of it, but putting it out there to entertain people, and hopefully they were.

“Whether it was my matches, my career or now with NXT or the talent, or in general whatever being a part of WWE is today. I know people say a lot to put a smile on people’s faces, it is what we do, so if people are entertained by what I’ve been a part of then that’s my legacy.”