WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon had major praise for his roster during today’s Q1 2020 investors call.

During the Q&A part of the call an investor asked Vince about saving money while taping from the WWE Performance Center instead of filming while touring, and he confirmed that the company has saved a significant amount, but he reiterated that they need an audience. Vince talked about how everything they do depends on the audience, and right now they don’t have that. He then praised the talent for making things work without an audience during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have to give kudos to all of our performers,” Vince said. “They’re working so hard, and when you’re in the ring and you’re normally playing off a live audience, and there’s no one there [now].

“It’s different but our performers are stepping it up, and really, really working hard. We’re trying to produce a great product given the consideration of where we are.”

Vince was later asked about talent morale during the COVID-19 outbreak. He praised the talent for rising to the occasion of being forced to switch up their operations. He also acknowledged that some talent are unable to come to the tapings because it would be a risk to their health, such as Roman Reigns. Vince did not name any of the talents who are unable to work during the outbreak. He ended that answer by commenting on how proud he is of his roster.

“Our only natural resource, obviously, is talent, and our talent have taken this as a challenge, have taken this almost as a duty, which has always happened with us,” Vince said. “And they realize that, you know… people are sitting at home, they’re bored… and the fact that we can entertain families together entertain them like no one else can entertain them. So, I think that they look at this as a challenge and they’ve really risen to the occasion. It’s amazing actually.

“And there are a few that are unable to come down due to certain existings… certain things that exist, but nonetheless, by and large, kudos to them. They are a very, very special people, they’re extraordinary athletes. They love to give. That’s what this business is about, that’s why they got into it, is to give and perform for the audience. There’s no live audience, but that’s another kudos to them because you have to think about that when you’re in the ring, as if the live audience . So, all in all, I’m so proud of them.”