What WWE Does To Employees Who Leak Spoilers, WWE Reportedly Taped WrestleMania Until 5AM

Leaking WWE information is a fireable offense, according to a new report from Sports Illustrated.

WWE has to deal with spoilers leaking just about every week, but the recent TV and pay-per-view tapings were a bit different. While the coronavirus forced WrestleMania 36 to be moved from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay to the empty WWE Performance Center, WWE's priority is to make sure WrestleMania 36 is presented in the best form possible.

It was noted that last week's WrestleMania 36 tapings in Orlando ran overnight from 11pm until 5am.

Along with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, there were only a limited number of people present for the set of WWE TV and pay-per-view tapings held last week, including Kevin Dunn, Paul Heyman, and Bruce Prichard. SI noted that the majority of the producers or agents were not present for the matches, but the ones that are local to Florida are the unlikeliest of candidates to leak spoilers, including Adam Pearce, and WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels & "Road Dogg" Brian James.

Stay tuned for more information from the WrestleMania 36 tapings and be sure to join us for live coverage on Saturday and Sunday.