WWE 2K21 Video Game Cancellation Confirmed

It's now official that there will not be a WWE 2K21 video game released later this fall.

WWE Interim Chief Financial Officer Frank Riddick was asked during today's Q1 2020 investors call if the video game was in the budget for this year. Riddick said the game will not be released, but did not provide a reason why.


We noted back on April 13 that former WWE video game writer Justin Leeper reported on Twitter and YouTube that the game had been nixed, according to reliable sources he has that are still connected to 2K and WWE Games. There had been a video game announcement expected for around WrestleMania 36 time but it never came. Leeper reported that the cancellation was said to be 50/50 back in December, but then in January word was that they were "medium speed ahead" with the WWE 2K21 video game, and that it would be the same kind of game that 2K20 was, for better or worse. The 2K20 game has had a significant number of issues ever since it was first released last year.

While the 2K21 video game has been canceled, a new WWE video game is planned to be released later this year, according to Leeper's report. Riddick did not confirm that game during today's call, but he wasn't asked about it. Leeper's previous report noted that 2K will be releasing a "different kind" of WWE video game this year, from a different developer, not Visual Concepts. There's no word yet on details for that game, but Leeper expected an announcement to be made in the near future.


It was also reported earlier this month that they are still planning to release a WWE 2K22 video game in 2021, at least as of now. Riddick also was not asked about the 2K22 game during today's call, but it's still too early to confirm plans for a game that would be released in late 2021.

Stay tuned for updates on the next WWE video game.