WWE 2K21 Video Game Reportedly Canceled, News On WWE 2K22 Plans, New WWE Video Game This Year

It looks like the WWE 2K21 video game has been canceled.

Former WWE video game writer Justin Leeper noted on Twitter and YouTube that he has heard from reliable sources that the game has been nixed.

Some expected a WWE video game announcement to come around WrestleMania 36 time, but that never happened. Leeper reports that the announcement never came because plans for the game were pulled. It was noted that the cancellation was said to be 50/50 back in December, but then in January word was that they were "medium speed ahead" with the WWE 2K21 video game, and that it would be the same kind of game that 2K20 was, for better or worse. Now word is that the decision to cancel the WWE 2K21 video game has been finalized.


The WWE 2K20 video game was released last year and was considered to be a failure by many. The launch included a number of issues, and players report on social media that they are still dealing with problems.

While the 2K21 video game has been canceled, a new WWE video game is planned to be released later this year. It was noted that 2K will be releasing a "different kind" of WWE video game this year, from a different developer, not Visual Concepts. There's no word yet on details for that game, but Leeper expects an announcement to be made in the near future.

On a related note, they are still planning to release a WWE 2K22 video game in 2021, at least as of now. However, it was noted that WWE 2K22 likely will not be released on Next-Gen consoles as it will still be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and likely PC. It's possible that the consoles could change this far out, but that was the word from Leeper.


Stay tuned for updates on WWE video game plans.