WWE Backstage Recap: CM Punk Returns To The Panel, Edge Makes Special Guest Appearance

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of tonight's WWE Backstage on FS1, featuring CM Punk returning to the panel (Renee Young, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, and Christian). WWE Hall of Famer Edge is tonight's special guest.


- Young asks Punk how he's been doing with the whole isolation situation and Punk said he's made for this type of thing. Punk believes it'll be over sooner if everyone stays indoors.

- Highlights from this past Friday's SmackDown and Monday's RAW are shown.

- Panel talks about Seth Rollins attacking WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Booker says Rollins instantly puts himself in the mix, doesn't sit on the sidelines. Punk thinks it's the best possible spot for both Drew and Seth to be in. Feels like they could have a lengthy feud.


- Moving to Zelina Vega's new stable. Christian gives Vega props on her mic skills, says she's getting more confidence each time she goes out there. Punk says he loves Vega, mentions her playing AJ Lee in the movie about Paige's family. Punk says it's an interesting dynamic when she leads a group of guys. Wouldn't mind seeing a few more guys being mixed in, likes that they don't necessarily look like they would be a group.

- Punk isn't sure about Bray Wyatt and WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman, says it feels rushed, and could be a SummerSlam feud. Says Braun is someone the fans are currently behind now that he finally got that big title, not sure how that will work with Wyatt, but does say it's still early with where they are going. Booker is more of a fan, Christian was more on Punk's side with this one.

- Next topic is the issues between Lana and Bobby Lashley. We flashback to December when Punk gives out how he would book the feud between Lashley and Rusev. Punk mentioned how he felt like Lashley and Lana should eventually get divorced as Lashley gets tired of her, which looks to be where WWE is headed with this story. Renee wants to see Lio Rush and Lashley get back together.


- Edge joins this week's show to talk with Young and Christian. Edge said he had to answer some questions when it came to having his first singles match at WrestleMania. Said Royal Rumble is one thing, but going about 40 minutes was his litmus test to show he could go forward in the ring. Says he needs to adjust what he can do, noting his wife, Beth Phoenix, was a bit bothered by some of the things he did. Christian asks about Edge's promos during the shows without a live audience. Edge says he's been able to really pay attention to detail, which can get lost at times with an audience. Edge talks about how fun it was to look right at the camera and cut his promo, says it was like theater or an audition. It allowed him to go to a different area of the craft.

Edge said it felt weird or fake to not look at the camera with there not being as live crowd, sounds more real, like a conversation when he could look at the camera. Edge talks about if it was easy to work with Randy Orton right off the bat. Edge said he wanted Orton first and it was seamless to get into a feud. Says once Orton finds something he can sink his teeth into, he becomes top notch. Feels like both he and Orton bring the best out of each other.


We see some clips of the latest WWE documentary on Edge's return. Edge says it was so well done, and was blown away to see fans' recording their reactions to his return. Edge says Beth wasn't "totally pleased" with some of the bumps he took during his match with Orton, specifically the DDT on the bed of the truck. Says she was his "rock" during his entire return. Edge protected his return to WWE like it was his baby and felt like based off the reaction of keeping it quiet, it worked.

- Clip shown of Ronda Rousey talking about WWE's "f—ing ungrateful fans" on a recent podcast appearance. We always see Rousey's tweet about people not like her "fake fights for fun" comment, says people aren't trying to bruise wrestlers' soft ego, and it's an insult to real fights. We then see Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax react on Twitter. Punk laughing at Jax's tweet. Punk says Rousey is doing her job, says he loves it it's pure chaos. Fun to see people bite on it, and it'll be fun whether it's real or not. Punk says wrestling is best when the lines are blurred. Booker T says WWE embraced Rousey after getting destroyed in her last two fights and felt like it was disrespectful. Also noting she should apologize.


Christian says as a wrestler, the word "fake" can be offensive, people tend to attack if they get attacked. Punk brings up MMA in Japan began with pro wrestlers and that eventually became the promotion, PRIDE. Feels like the history of both wrestling and MMA is an interesting mixture, ultimately it's all entertainment. Foresees an MMA Four Horsewomen vs. WWE Four Horsewomen match down the road. Christian bringing up MMA moving towards wrestling-like promos to help sell their fights.

- Young talks to Punk about the cinematic matches we've seen recently. Punk says these matches are good and bad, but thought the Boneyard Match was easily the best, thanks to the characters. Punk says it should be special, and not to beat it into the ground.


- Panel talks MITB Ladder Matches they had been in. Young mentions Punk is the only wrestler to win two of them. Punk felt like Christian should be asked since he was in like seven of them, where Punk was younger and would do anything at the time. Says there's usually a "General" in the ring and Christian often was that guy. Booker T said he sucked in those match and often asked Christian what he needed to do. Christian says he was often in the matches because he put them together, says there's was a lot of talent in those matches and had to figure out what everyone would do.