WWE is working with a company called Allied BioScience to help fight the coronavirus outbreak and keep everyone safe while they continue to work amid the pandemic.

Triple H spoke during today’s Q1 2020 investors call and revealed that they are using a spray from Allied that coats all surfaces, and lasts for 90-120 days. Triple H did not reveal the name of the spray, but the website for the company, which is based out of Texas, touts a product called SurfaceWise.

Triple H said they have coated the WWE Performance Center facilities, the WWE warehouses, and even the production trucks. He said the spray was described to him as a “sword that punctures the cell wall of the virus, or what causes a virus, and kills it on contact. The spray creates a coating that lasts 90-120 days, and lasts through the work they’re doing and through any other cleaning they do.

Vince McMahon also spoke about the many safety measures that the company is taking while they continue to operate on a closed-set during the pandemic, which we’ve reported on in the past, such as changing ropes and turnbuckles between matches. Vince confirmed that people with fevers aren’t even allowed on the premises. He also revealed that everyone coming into their facilities has to fill out a form, each week, that asks about potential exposure to the coronavirus and other factors. Vince said the company is focused on safety and making the environment as good as it can be. The extra safety measures go for talent, employees, and anyone else allowed at the Performance Center. He also confirmed reports on WWE sequestering talents at a local hotel in Orlando, and working in groups (or “waves”) when producing in-ring content. Vince said they are being very careful about how many people are in and out of the Performance Center at any time, and are applying a detailed pandemic cleaning system on a very frequent basis.

The Allied website includes the following blurb on the spray:


SurfaceWise? is an EPA-registered surface coating (EPA Reg. Number: 92082-1) that provides an invisible barrier to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew) and algae which cause odor, staining and discoloration. This revolutionary coating has been demonstrated to provide continuous protection, when used as directed, on a variety of treated surfaces, including plastic, stainless steel, mattresses, rubber, dry wall, painted surfaces, and textiles.

How this Long-lasting Surface Coating Works

The odorless and invisible coatings, while non-toxic to humans and non-aquatic pets, bond to the surface and create a hostile environment that disrupts the cell membranes and prevents these organisms from attaching and thriving on treated surfaces.