WWE Drops Storyline Plans For Lana And Bobby Lashley?

There's now speculation on WWE possibly dropping the storyline that had Lana and on-screen husband Bobby Lashley headed for a split.

As we've noted, WWE has been building to a split between Lashley and Lana for several weeks now, with Lashley recently stating that he might need new management or a wife when asked about his recent losses. The tension seemed to be increasing each week until last night's RAW.

Last night's RAW featured segments with Lashley showing off his strength inside the WWE Performance Center gym. You can see that segment above. Lana was with Lashley and he no longer seemed annoyed by his on-screen wife, and it looked as if they were back on the same page once again.

Lashley took to Twitter today and shared a photo of he and Lana at the Performance Center gym.

He wrote, "A feat of strength that can only be described as ALL MIGHTY! #WWERAW"

Lana's real-life husband Rusev was released from his contract last Wednesday.

Lana has not responded to Lashley's post but she did re-tweet it. You can see Lashley's full tweet with photo below: