WWE Hall Of Famer Torrie Wilson recently revealed on social media that The Undertaker’s ex-wife Sara, who was briefly part of WWE storylines from 2001-2002, wanted to “beat her up” backstage. Wilson says that Sara was under the impression that Torrie was interested in a married man they worked with.

“The Undertaker’s ex-wife – she did attempt to beat me up,” Wilson says with a giggle. “Ex-wife I said, ex. She was a little crazy.

“I’m just going to tell you she was bat s–t crazy, and she did think I liked somebody. Not her husband, she thought I liked somebody else and she wanted to beat me up because she thought I liked somebody else’s husband. Which I didn’t; That’s not my game.”

Sara first appeared in WWE when video was shown of a stalker following her around. This would continue for a few weeks before the stalker was revealed as Diamond Dallas Page, ultimately setting up a rivalry between “The Deadman” and DDP. Sara later made brief appearances on WWE television in 2002 to enhance an ongoing storyline ‘Taker had with Brock Lesnar.

The couple, Mark and Sara Calaway, divorced in 2007. Undertaker would re-marry in 2010 to former Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool.

You can see the full video below: