This week's WWE NXT episode saw the tournament to crown an Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion continue with Drake Maverick and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott picking up wins.

Maverick, who was released by WWE on April 15 but allowed to work the tournament, defeated Tony Nese on tonight's show. Drake is now 1-1 while Nese is 0-2. Tonight's show also saw Scott defeat El Hijo del Fantasma, in what was his second official NXT TV match. Swerve and Fantasma are also 1-1 now.

Maverick vs. Kushida has been confirmed for the tournament, but WWE did not officially announce it for next week. Besides Maverick vs. Kushida, the other Group A matches are Kushida vs. Jake Atlas and Nese vs. Atlas. The other Group B matches look to be Fantasma vs. Akira Tozawa, Jack Gallagher vs. Tozawa, and Swerve vs. Gallagher.

Below are the updated standings for the round-robin style tournament after Week 3:

GROUP A: Drake Maverick (1-1), Tony Nese (0-2), Kushida (1-0), Jake Atlas (1-0)

GROUP B: El Hijo del Fantasma (1-1), Isaiah "Swerve" Scott (1-1), Akira Tozawa (1-0), Jack Gallagher (0-1)

Ties, if there are any, will be broken by head-to-head record. The Superstar with the best win-loss record in each group will then advance to the title match as the Group A winner faces the Group B winner. The winner of that match will be crowned the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion, and they will face current NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin at a later date. Devlin is currently stuck in the UK due to the coronavirus pandemic, and unable to defend. He will eventually return to the United States for the showdown with the tournament winner.

Above and below are clips from Maverick vs. Nese and Swerve vs. Fantasma. Stay tuned for updates on the tournament.