WWE NXT UK Results (4/2): Number One Contender's Battle Royal, Women's Tag Action

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A video package highlighting all the competitors in today's battle royal to determine a new #1 contender for WALTER's NXT UK championship. Wrestlers include Tyler Bate, Dave Mastiff, Trent Seven, Ilja Dragunov, Jordan Devlin, Ligero, Alexander Wolfe, Flash Morgan Webster, Noam Dar, Ridge Holland, Joe Coffey, Travis Banks, and many others.

Intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Andy Shepard and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Coventry England. The NXT UK women's champion Kay Lee Ray is out first for our opening contest, which commentary says is a tag match. Ray will be teaming with Jinny to face Piper Niven and Dani Luna.

Kay Lee Ray/Jinny versus Piper Niven/Dani Luna

Niven and Luna have a disagreement about who should start. It ends up being Niven. Ray starts for her team but quickly tags in Jinny. Luna slaps Niven and goes after Jinny. Fallaway slam. Ray charges...Luna rocks her with a pump kick. Jinny ducks a lariat...Luna catches her in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Luna then chases Ray around the ring...this gives Jinny the opportunity to hit a rolling kick to give the heels the advantage. Double-team from Jinny and Ray behind the referee's back. They work Luna over...Jinny applies a guillotine choke but Luna powers out and slams Jinny to the mat. Niven gets the hot tag. She runs through Jinny with axe-handles. Short-arm lariat from Niven, followed by a twisting fisherman buster. Niven nails a buckle-bomb and goes for a Vader bomb...Ray distracts her allowing Jinny to pull out her leg. Ray tags in...Niven headbutts her...Ray shakes it off and superkicks Niven. Luna with another blind tag. She suplexes Ray and stomps her down in the corner. Jinny tries to stop her but Niven derails her with a shoulder block. Jinny sends Niven into the steep steps. Ray hits the Gory bomb on Luna for the victory.

Kay Lee Ray/Jinny win by pinfall

Commentary tells us that next week will be a special "Rise of NXT UK" special covering everything from the latest Takeover to the first United Kingdom tournament.

A quick vignette on Gallus to hype Joe Coffey's entry in tonight's Battle Royal.

We go right back to the ring for our next contest, which is another women's division matchup. French Hope is out first. She'll be facing...Xia Brookside.

French Hope versus Xia Brookside

Tie-up. Hope grabs a wristlock. Brookside escapes and picks Hope's leg. Flying crossbody from Brookside for an early pin attempt...only a one count. Brookside puts pressure on the shoulder...Hope responds by driving her shoulder into Brookside knocking her to the mat. Hope applies a modified clutch hold yanking back hard on Brookside's arm and neck. Athletic snapmare by Brookside to break the hold...she lands a flurry of offense, then hits the broken wings for the victory.

Xia Brookside wins by pinfall

McGuinness explains us the rules of the Battle Royal, which means it's already main event time. Trent Seven is out first to a huge pop, followed by his Moustache Mountain compadre Tyler Bate. Out next is Joe Coffey...we go to commercial.

Preview for WrestleMania 36 featuring Rhea Ripley versus Charlotte Flair for the NXT championship.

Back from break and the ring has filled up with the remaining competitors.

20-Man Battle Royal To Determine A New #1 Contender

Kassius Ohno, Dave Mastiff, and Ridge Holland are all surrounded as they are the biggest men in the ring. Ohno tries to align himself with the smaller guys, but everyone decides to toss him over the top instead. Everyone else starts trading blows. Huxley tosses Kenny Williams with ease. T-Bone tries to eliminate him but Huxley blocks the attempt...they argue for a second, then have a back and forth striking exchange. A-Kid nearly gets tossed but remains in. Joe Coffey shoulder blocks Flash Morgan Webster over the top and eliminates him. Huxley gets eliminated...someone throws out A-Kid but he lands on Huxley's back and jumps back inside! Crowd loves the spot. Joe Coffey and Ilja Dragunov are going at it. On the other side of the ring Dave Mastiff tosses Travis Banks. Amir Jordan attempts a crossbody on the Bomber but he catches him and throws him out. Ashton Smith skins the cat to avoid elimination. Ridge Holland then eliminates Smith and tag partner Oliver Carter. 10 men left.

Mastiff sends Ligero flying over the top. He and Ridge Holland meet eye-to-eye in the center. Dar kicks Mastiff in the back of the leg and unloads forearms on Holland. Holland is barely effected...he suplexes Dar. Joseph Conners comes out and distracts Holland...Dragunov and Coffey take advantage and dump Holland eliminating him. Coffey and Dragunov now have a shoving contest. Moustache Mountain share a fun duo airplane spot. Seven and Bate realize that everyone else is down so they go at it. Seven hits the rebound lariat. Coffey sneaks behind Seven and eliminates him. Bate picks up Mastiff for an airplane spin but he's too big...Mastiff nails a release German suplex. Nice sequence from Kid and Devlin...Devlin drops him to the outside with a headbutt. Devlin runs through the lot of guys bringing the fans on their feet. Dar from behind...Devlin is eliminated! Mastiff makes Dar pay with a jumping senton and a cannonball. The remaining men team up on Mastiff and send him out. Five men left: Bate, Dar, Coffey, Dragunov, and Wolfe.

Bate airplane spins Dar...puts him on the apron....then hits a rolling kick sending him out. Coffey butterfly swings Dragunov, then sends him across the ring with a double-underhook suplex. Pop up uppercut on Dragunov. He goes to eliminate Dragunov but Wolfe dropkicks him to the apron. He rocks him with a forearm, then throws Dragunov into him ...Coffey is gone. Just Wolfe, Bate and Dragunov left. Wolfe tries to toss out Bate...Bate escapes and connects with the rebound lariat. Dragunov lariats Wolfe out! Just Bate and Dragunov left. They stare each other down...loud NXT chants from the crowd. Dragunov chops Bate repeatedly...knee strikes but Bate catches one...Bop and Bang! Both men are down. Another rebound lariat...Dragunov with the six-one-line lariat! Another back and forth striking exchange...Dragunov picks up Bate in a firemans carry...Bate is on the apron but he's leveling Dragunov with right hands...Bate tries to suplex Dragunov out...he blocks it but is also pulled to the apron. Dragunov hits the torpedo Moscow and wins the battle royal.

Ilja Dragunov Wins To Become The New #1 Contender

That's the show friends.