Regular training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL has reportedly stopped during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Wrestling Observer Radio.

It was noted that WWE talents who are at the Performance Center for TV tapings are not allowed to use the weight room and gym facilities while they are there. The Performance Center is reportedly shut down for any kind of training right now, according to the report, indicating that other talents who are not there for TV can't just show up to work out as they normally would before the pandemic.

WWE talents that are brought to the Performance Center for tapings are reportedly spending most of their time outside of the building, and aren't hanging out inside. It was noted that talents are only allowed in for their match or segment, or other work, and then must go back out. They are also getting dressed in their gear outside of the normal area.

WWE was forced to modify operations at the closed-set Performance Center due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and this is another change brought on by the pandemic. We've noted how WWE has several health and safety measures in place - everything from taking temperate and administering medical tests before people are allowed into the building, to changing ring ropes and aprons in between matches, to requiring employees to fill out weekly forms on potential exposure and their health, and more.