WWE Shop is trying to unload the many WrestleMania 36 commemorative chairs that they were stuck with after the big event was moved from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa to the empty WWE Performance Center due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As seen below, WWE is selling the collectible folding chairs for $99.99 each, or 4 chairs for $299.99. Quantities are limited as these are the chairs that would have gone home with fans sitting in the first few rows of the big event.

We noted before how WWE had released a line of “I Wasn’t There” merchandise for WrestleMania 36, to try and make up for some of the merchandise sales that they were going to miss out on this weekend. They have also released a new line of “In Your House” merchandise for WrestleMania 36, including a Home 24/7 t-shirt with a WWE 24/7 Title design.

Besides the special WrestleMania 36 merchandise, they also have new items for the various matches to air this weekend, and items with the regular WrestleMania 36 logos.

You can see the new social-distancing-themed WrestleMania 36 merchandise below, along with the commemorative chairs. You can purchase the items via this link to save.